Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife about a meeting he had with Bishop Hobart, and tells her that Mr. Tappan has just pledged $1,000 to create a Divinity Professorship.




Mr. Potter, Bishop Hobart, Dr. Wainwright, Trinity, St. Paul, Mr. Tappan, Milnor Professorship


N. York 31. Jan: 1827

My dear Wife:

I closed my letter of yesterday in haste: – this can have very little higher claim to deliberation for breakfast is now nearly ready and Mr. Potter is to be here immediately after to receive the last scrap for dear home.

I have so many things to say of affection and love to you all that my mind is quite confused. Do speak kindly to them all for my sake: tell all the family school and all that I never cease to pray for them, especially that God may be pleased to have them all in his holy keeping. That He would awaken their minds to a due sense of their sins, and give them the consolations of his pardon thro’ the atoning Blood of the Lamb of God. Unless this be their case they are and ever will be wretched. They may laugh and sing but it will only be the joy of the [impacted.] Like the riot and rejoicings of [?] their self congratulations are but the prelude to destruction.

Since writing what is on the other side I have breakfasted and Mr. Potter called for my letter.

But one moment is now left me.

I dined yesterday with Bishop Hobart. Present, the family and Dr. Wainwright only. He took me into his study after dinner and got on very awkwardly in speaking of the past. We left the subject as we found it. Previously to the conversation he had engaged me to preach for him in Trinity & St. Pauls the next Sunday.

Immediately after I left the Little Bp: I went to Mr Tappans. He is a Presbyterian but very benevolent to all who preach the truth as it in Jesus. I spent the evening till nearly ten o’clock with him & have good reason to think he is our friend

I am to see him again in about an hour from (this ½ past 8 A.M.). If anything very favourable to our cause be the result I will write a letter & put it into the [post] that you may pay a little for the news perhaps before this reaches you by Mr Potter.

I walked home but pay for it in the pain of my leg and [ancle]. I will read your good good advice over again [?] answer your letters when I have and a more leisure.

Mr Tappan has himself called on me this moment and subscribed $1,000 towards founding in our college a Milnor Professorship of Divinity in our Sem’y provided $10,000 would be subscribed within one year!!!!

God bless you all – P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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