Philander Chase



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Chase has reached New Jersey and discusses the people he is staying with.




Mr. Allen, Trenton, Madam Jarvis, Mr. Higby, Burlington, Brunswick, Bp. Cross, Mr. Bushenk


Hoboken Opposite N York

18 Jan: 1827

My dear Wife:

Yesterday morning I left Mr. Allen’s and all the good Friends in Phila. and came to Trenton N. Jersey. I went immediately to Mr. Higby’s who married the daughter of Madam Jarvis the widow of the Bishop. I found that she was not as I expected at Mr. H’s – but lived in Burlington. They were however glad to see me. Mr. H. must be much older than his wife (by the bye she also was from home at her Mother’s) for he is gray headed and seems quite in the decline of life.

I rose early and having breakfasted at the Inn with the Phil’a Passengers who came from the City this morning I came on hitherward. I did not stay five minutes at Brunswick where Bp: [Cross] lives – nor did I have the honour of seeing him. – (a great loss!) –

When we arrived here before sunset we were greatly disappointed in finding the Boat gone and from the intensity of the cold not expected back again this night. The River being full of ice they could not venture to cross when their so doing would have necessarily taken them into some part of the night; & that might have exposed them to be carried with the floating cake in a strong ebb tide out through the Narrows into the wide ocean or blocked them up between the two Islands.

In this predicament I was most happy in finding a kind shelter here at Mr. [Bushenk’s].

I am now in a quiet chamber & having dressed my sores and shaved my face & washed my hands am most happy in telling you that I am the same faithful Hus’d as ever.

May God bless you and the dear Children!

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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