Philander Chase



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Chase discusses his dinner with Judge Hemphill, who will go to England soon. He discusses donations and tells his wife he will leave for New York the next day.




Judge Hemphill, Mrs. Coleman, Rev. Mr. Boyd, Lord Gambier, Lord Kenyon, Timothy Wiggin, G.W. Marriott, Mr. Campbell, Rev. Bedell, Mrs. Twells, Mr. Sparrow, Duff Macfarlane, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Allen, illness, New York


Phil’a 16. Jan: 1827

My dear Wife;

Yesterday I wrote you a hastily something as I was going to dine with Judge Hemphill. He married into the Coleman family one of whom is going to England with him; not however the person who was yesterday present. Mrs. Hemphill is a very agreeable plain woman. I tried to persuade her to go to Eng’d with her Husband but she has a tremendous fear of the Water. Mrs Coleman the Iron Furnace man’s wide is very handsome and [enquired] much about England. The Rev Mr Boyd who was present is quite intimate with her. Judge Hemphill looks forward to the period of his becoming acquainted with Lord Gambier & Lord Kenyon with great solicitude. I have given him letters to both these notable men also to Mr Wiggin & GW Marriott.

In the evening we went to a Mr Campbells where were the Rev Messrs Bedell Clyede Colte & Allen: and a number of Ladies. Nothing was said or done of any great note.

This morning old Mrs Twells the Grandmother of the Boys who are going to Ohio sent me $50 this with many smaller donations will swell the next Saturdays Recorder to some like the last.

The presents of Books are very valuable. Tell Mr. Sparrow I got his long letter while at Mr. Hemphills yesterday. It gave me great comfort. I have just such a man in view as he describes. I should have gone to N York today but have been prevented. I trust I shall be off tomorrow at 12 noon.

I have written so many letters today & seen so much company that I am quite tired and can hardly tell you how much I think of you & the Children. O may God bless you all & make you happier than I am!

Mr. & Mrs. Allen are exceedingly kind to me. This man has been a second Marriott & she a second Macfarlane to my cause. May God reward them!

My sore to toe & finger & shin & ankle have not gotten well but are better

Remember to pray for

Your faithful


Phi’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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