Philander Chase



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Chase's leg and hip are still bothering him but he intends to carry on with his duties. He is about to travel to Germantown to preach and will likely go to New York the next week.




Rev. Mr. Allen, Rev. Nash, Mr. Taylor, New York, Mr. Stoke, Mr. Sparrow, Germantown


Phila. 6 Jan 1827

My dear Wife:

From the tenor of my last letter your inferences, I apprehend will be rather gloomy: but I entreat you to dismiss your fears and put your trust in God. I am not well, and yet I am not sick. My right leg is swollen & sore and the indurated tumor on my left hip continues painful; and yet God enables me to walk about, and try to accomplish the great errand on which I am sent. The Rev Mr Allen and his good Wife are exceedingly kind to me; and do all that human beings can do for a poor forlorn wanderer as I am. The Rev Mr Nash also comes to see me & binds up my wounds. In short I am much better treated than my Master was; instead then of complaining I will bless the name of the Lord my God.

Next monday come [?] night if the Lord will, I go to New York.

I was last night at Mr Taylors – today (20 minutes home) I ride with Mr [Truells] & the two boys our pupils to Germantown to Mr Stoke’s where I think I shall tarry all night & preach in the Ch. there in the forenoon & return to preach in the [Sweedish] Church in the afternoon & you see by the Recorder. Do pray for me & ask Mr Sparrow to pray for me: for I am in pain – yet I must do my duty.

Your faithful & loving Hus’d

Phi’r Chase

Mrs S.M. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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