Philander Chase



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Chase will no longer return home by traveling through New Orleans on account of his fear of seasickness. He is giving $200 to William Jones Esquire so that Sophia may draw upon it for whatever she needs. Chase feels more productive in Philadelphia than in Ohio.


Winter 12-1826


Mr. Kip, New York, New Orleans, William Jones Esquire, Thomas Hartwell Horne, Mr. Gregson, Philadelphia, Mr. Thomas, Ohio, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Gregson, Nashville, Tenessee, Washington, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Allen, Fanny, Mr. Ward, Great Horkesley, Polyglot Bibles, Mr. Morse, Mr. Wright, Pittsburgh, Steubenville


Must have been written

Sometime in Decr. 1826

My Dear Wife

Your letter of the 27th of Nov. directed to the care of Mr. Kip of New York did not reach me till this evening.

The effect of the supposed intention of my going home by the way of New Orleans is not surprizing [sic]. It’s effect on my self (when it first came into my mind as a measure necessary to the [prospects] of our Christian plan about the Seminary) was the same as on your mind. To think that I must again and so soon encounter the dangers of the ocean and suffer the peculiar interests of, seasickness to which I am so liable froze the genial current of my frame and cast over my whole mind an inexpressible gloom. In altering this plan which I thought necessary I had no agency. The Divine Providence did the work by casting me on a bed of sickness, from which I did not arise till I had time and friends given me to devise a plan of [rowing] the minds of the good people of this City. So thus I trust your mind long before this is at ease concerning my destination for the winter. That it may be in some measures concerning your pecuniary resources necessary to keep the family in bread, I shall tomorrow place 200 dollars in the hands of William Jones Esquire, of this blessed City Phila. and a Draft to that amount signed by yourself on this gentleman will most surely be accepted. So said, so done, I am pleased with your magnanimity in the case of Mr. Thomas’ Nephew, tho’ it is painful to reflect on the matter of his being obliged to go away. I trust to God’s mercy in enabling me to get [apparatus] before I return to Ohio sufficient to teach the highest branches; and to engage Professors adequate to the task. A bold stroke has been struck God grant it recoil out back inefficacious on our own heads! What will you say when I tell you I have written to Lord Kenyon to try to persuade Thomas Hartwel Horne to come & build up our College. As to Pupils they will come in from every quarter already nine more are engaged from Washington and several from this city I have no doubt will go. In short I have done thro’ God’s assistance to forward the interests of the Institution by staying thus far in Phila than by being in Ohio I could have done for years.

As to Mr. Gregson who wrote you from Nashville Tenesee [sic] I am informed he is one of the best of men. Ask Mr. Sp[arro]w or [Mr] Wing to write him & tell him all that he wants to know & to salute him as a man of a [right] spirit. He is the author the piece in the Recorder of the 2d. Of December dated at Nashville.

I am very glad to hear of the arrival of your Coffee & Crockery - may all your breakfasts be pleasant!

Most of all I love you for your resignation to God’s will and for your prayer for poor me at the end of your letter.

Mind I have authorized you to draw for 200 (in words) two hundred dollars) on William Jones Esqr. of the [Custom] house of this [good] city of Phila. which I hope you will not fast to do as soon as may be to supply your wants.

The Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Allen at whose house I stay and by whom I am so kindly treated send their love to you Mr. Sparrow Mr. Wing & Fanny.

Tell Mr. Sparrow I shall endeavour to do all that he desires. I have been waiting with anxiety for the box in New York from Good Mr. Ward of Great Horkesley with the Polyglot Bibles etc to [send] with the books bo’t in this City but if they come not tomorrow I shall forward them I have to Pittsg. & Steubenville to be carried on by the Boys. Mr. Morse I hear thro Mr. Wright is married!!

Your faithful & affectionate Hus. P. Chase

Pray seal your letters better

Put a wafer under

Letter to Sophia Chase



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