Lord Kenyon



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Fragment of a letter in which Kenyon discusses Chase's land in Ohio and updates him on the lives of their English friends.




Timothy Wiggin, G.W. Marriott, Minister Peel, Lady Rosse, Irish, Papists



Three per cent for a year & ½ or 2 years will have nearly returned I trust your Ohio stock to its original value taking into account the additions which have been made to it. Good Wiggin will no doubt have made every advantage for you wh. the state of the Stocks from time to time have allowed as to buying is more; & I trust the Funds we have collected & what more may come will by God’s blessing be [ample] to effect your goodly work. That it will ultimately be fully [?] & you especially who have the high privilege of being its chief agent & promoter never for a moment can I doubt. Our good friends the Marriotts are & all of years of [disaction] continue & ever will as zealously your friends as you have ever known them to be. He has lately got an appointment wh. in a [pecuniary] point of view is very comfortable to him, & it was conferred by an upright Minister Mr [Peel] in a manner greatly to enhance its value. He hopes to exchange it (the Police Magistrate) for the Chairmanship of the Middlesex & Westminster Quarter [?] an officer of more dignity & of pleasanter duties, & wh. eventually I trust will be more profitable. Of good Lady Rosse I was glad to hear a comfortable account the other day from a grateful Irish Clergyman to whom an account of the persecutions he has suffered from the Papists she has given £300 to relive him from difficulties wh. his (perhaps over) zeal has brought upon him. He visited her with a most grateful heart, & has returned

[Fragment ends here]

Letter to Philander Chase



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