Philander Chase



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Chase is confined to his lodgings due to the sore on his ankle, but doesn't want his wife to worry about him. He also asks her to tell Mr. Sparrow that he has looked at the books, but can't afford to pay for them at the moment.


Fall 11-26-1826


Poulson’s Gazette, Rev. Mr. Allen, Dr. Mitchel, Dudley Chase, Mr. Clay, Mr. Kip, New York, Rev. Dr. Ward, Great Horkesley, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Sparrow, Ohio


Phila Sunday 26 - Nov. 1826

My Dear Wife

Through the Dr.’s orders and persuasions I am constrained to remain at my lodgings and attend to the wants of my body this [sacred] day: and during this confinement I can not think it otherwise than consistent with my duty (and it is certainly most accordant with my pleasure) to write to you. The sore on my left ankle continues and I fear can not be removed without a thorough course of medicine the inceptive steps of which are already taken. Yet I am other wise very well, and able to attend to my friends and the great press of business. I sent to you yesterday Poulson’s Gazette containing my new American appeal prepared in this town in behalf of our College. I hope it will reach you in time but have my fears it. It will appear in Bedell’s paper on saturday next, also be struck off in letter-paper sheets on tuesday. These we mean to [correlate] among our friends and benevolent persons [and] trust in God for the event.

The Rev. Mr. Allen & his family when I stay are very kind to me and Dr. Mitchel my physician is most attentive. Mr. Clay is in town on his return from N York to Washh. Perhaps he may condescend to call on me tomorrow in which case I will get him to [park] this letter. I wrote a letter to Br. Dudley & sent it to Mr. Kips in Ny to advertise him of my being here and desire him to call on his way to Congress.

I think I told you of my receiving a long letter from the Rev. Dr. Ward of Gt. Horkesley Engd., and another from Lord Kenyon since you wrote me. Never was greater kindness expressed than that which fills their letters.

Tell Mr. Sparrow I have looked out all the books but can not even take them from the shops till the money is paid, and at present I have none to give. May God in mercy supply my wants!

The cause of Ohio is gradually working its way into the minds and hearts of many. so that on the whole I have great reason to bless God and take courage.

Don’t be alarmed about my lameness it will soon be well I trust. The sore is not so great as to prevent my stirring about were it not situated on the main cord of my heel where it is liable to be irritated by every step. It is this [?] which keeps me in & makes it necessary to be still till it be entirely well, which I hope soon will be the case and now dear Wife it gives me pleasure & repeat what you know already that I am your most affectionate & faithful


Phir. Chase

Love to all!!

Letter to Sophia Chase



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