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Rev. Ward sends Captain Wormley an Ohio appeal and a pamphlet defending Bp. Chase against claims asserted by Bp. Hobart. He criticizes Bp. Hobart but praises Chase for his work with the Ohio Seminary and College.


Fall 11-23-1826


Bp. Chase, Bp. Hobart, Ohio, Old England, New York, New England, Miss Watson


Gr. Horkesley

Novr. 23 1826

My dear Sir,

I send you the Ohio appeal & a pamphlet written in the Bishop’s defence, not by himself, for he never published a word in his own defence, under the most unprovoked & [unmarited] [?]. He took a more effectual & a more becoming mode of defence, by which he has triumphed; he has proved that learning, talents, popularity, & knowledge of the world, Bp. H.’s weapons, are no match for the patience, meekness, & piety of the gospel.

I blush for Bp. H, nag I could sit down & weep for him, as for my father, who had injured himself, & done wrong to the church. And with all his knowledge of the world & his love of superiority, he defeated his own darling purpose most egregiously. Had he come over hand in glove with Bp. Chase; had we seen the two American Bishops standing up side by side, relating their respective wants, & making their appeal to their Mother Church; they would have created such a sensation in their country & Ireland, as would have produced not so little as €50,000, & what is more they might have cemented the mutual affection of the two pastoral churches for ever. Instead of which Bp. H. has done almost as much to create a schism between them in New York, as Bishop Chase has done to write them in Ohio. He has excited such an interest in this country for his success in Ohio, & such a love & veneration for his person, as I can give you no idea of young & old who have seen & known him in this country, bless God for the privilege. He has carried away a little of our money & not a little of our love: but he has left us an example that cannot be estimated by gold or silver. Tell all American when you go home, that our hearts are in the foundation & superstructure of the episcopal seminary & college of Ohio. The work, I promise you, will never stand still for want of means. Old England under the blessing of the great Heart of the Church will take care of that. I hope we shall have the great pleasure of seeing you again before you leave England.

Believe me, my dear sir,

Very sincerely yours

W. Ward

Pray take all the pamphlets I send you & publish them in the streets of New England, & on the tops of the hills.

Pray send by the servant particular accounts of Miss Watson this morning. She must take care, indeed, indeed.

Letter to Captain Wormley



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