Philander Chase



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Chase recounts his travels through New York and visits with family and friends from Mr. Boyd's home in Philadelphia.


Fall 11-7-1826


George, Clarissa, Brother Janson, Sister Eliza, Rev. M. Gorman, Poughkeepsie, New York, Mr. Davie, Miss Polden, George Peter Oakley, Mr. Thomas Davis, Dr. Oakley, Dr. Reed, Miss Reed, Rev. Feltus, Christ Church, Mr. Griffin, Mr. Sparrow, Philadelphia steamboat, Bp. Griswold, Bp. Hobart, Rev. Meade, Milner, Smith, Parker of Maine, Barlow, Melenbugh, Rev. Mr. Onderdonk, Mr. Boyd, Mrs. Boyd, General Convention, Bp. White, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Ward


Philadelphia Tuesday Morning

Nov. 7. 1826

My dear Wife:

My last letter I think was written after making a visit to our dear Brother, but am not sure. For fear I may have omitted so important an assemblage of great & most refined delights, I will rehearse them. But how shall we put on paper those things which chiefly concern the heart in the exercise of filial & fraternal affection in the silent scene of domestic life? To your own fond bosom I must appeal for a worthy representation of the blessed meeting when our loved & venerated mother was again [folded] in my arms. You also must judge how pleased I was when I saw George & his dear Clarrissa surrounded with his group of healthy children, for the want of which Brother Janson and Sister Eliza find amends in their mutual affection.

I staid two nights at Mother’s and just before I set off for the S. Boat, the Rev. M Gorman who had just returned from the Class’s at Poughkeepsie came out and dined with us.

On my way to N.Y. I called spent a night [at] Mrs Davies’. He re[ceive]d & entertained me most kindly. His last wife is a once Miss Polden. George Peter Oakley & Dr. Thomas called to see me. I was too lame to go up in town; and so Mr Thomas Davis & Dr. Reed the Clergyman came to see me and dined with me at the landing I suppose you have heard that Tho’ D. has just married Miss Reed. She also came with her husband. In the evening I returned to NY.

On Sunday morning I preached for the Rev. [Feltus], but by reason of a very bad cold even to hoarseness I could not repeat the favour in the afternoon. In the evening I went to Christ Church where I heard a young Mr Griffin preach to a crowded audience a most excellent Sermon. He reminded me of Mr Sparrow.

On Monday (yesterday) morning at 6 I went to Phila Steamboat, and found myself in company with Bishops Griswold & Hobart and many very many other gentlemen all going to the Genl. Convention. Shall I write some of their names? Rev. Meade of [?]—Milner—Smith of [Vert.]—Parker of Maine—Barlow—Melenbugh & the two Reverend Mr Onderdonk.

The day was [wet] and disagreeable but other wise things went on pleasantly enough. Bishop Griswold coldness & Bp. Hobart’s distorted features occasioned by his recent English correspondence left me but little room for social pleasure with my Brothers; so I was constrained to seek society with those whose manne[rs] rendered them more agreeable.

I came directly to Mr Boyd’s who lives about a mile out of town. Never was a reception more cordial than mine from Mrs B. She has 4 children all lovely girls, & now sends her love for she is in the study & it is just before breakfast. Mr. B. is most affectionately kind to me—I shall put this in the Post before the opening of the Convention—

Your loving husband & faithful P. Chase

Sermon with great disapprobation.

Mr. Morse I saw in the Convention very well. Tell Mr. Sparrow I shall attend to his commissions as fast as I can. Tell him not to be discouraged though I do not return till New Year. One great effort is to be made in favours of our College.

11 oclock 7th of November

The coach did come in time, so I was obliged to hobble down one mile & a half to Church. This made me quite late to Church. The Convention was organized and adjourned Bp. Bowen preached the Sermon. I [found] your letter of the 21st of Oct. and Mr. Sparrow at Bp. Whites. Also one from Lord Kenyon & one from Mr Ward; the latter 4 sheets. Both speak of Bp. H

Letter to Sophia Chase



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