Philander Chase



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Chase writes his wife about his travels through New York, Vermont and New Hampshire and his visits with family. He plans to ride to Hopkinton in the following week.


Fall 10-6-1826


Oneida Castle, Mr. Arthur, Utica, Albany, Rev. Mr. Lacey, Troy, Mrs. Mabbit, Warren's, Rutland, Vermont, Simion, Bethel, Dudley, Eliza, George, Rachael, Royalton, Dartmouth College, Rev. Mr. Tyler, Jonathan Chase, Mr. Leonard, Mercy, Romanists, Hopkinton


Cornish Oct. 6 1826

My dear Wife:

Since writing to you [?] I was at Oneida Castle I have pai[d] visit to Mr. Arthur at Utica who treated me very coldly. When at Albany I called on the Rev. Mr. La[cey] who would have me to stay with him and preach on sunday morning & evening in the Church. The same night he accompanied me to Troy where I saw and was treated very kindly by, Mrs. Mabbit and the Warren’s. But I was in haste and rode to Rutland in Vermont the next day and the next to my Brother Simions in Bethel. Most distressed was I to find that he had been lame (and still) a cripple in his knee ever since last spring. All the rest I found well. The next day I visited Dudley in Vermont and my son George. Dudley’s wife & my Daughter Eliza George’s wife were most kind to me. The next sunday (last) I was blessed with the ability to preach [?] offer up prayers in the little Blessed Church built on the spot where when young I used to read service. To see so many pious worshipers [at] this beloved place was a feast indeed. Their pious & very good clergyman visits them once in 8 weeks.

From Bethel I accompanied Sister Rachael to her own house in Royalton & preached in the evening. Wednesday she took me in her Chaise (as she had done in all other of my visits) to Dartmouth College to see her two lovely sons: the one attending the Medical lectures the other in the Sophc. Class in College. I went to see & breakfasted with the Revd. Mr. Tyler by when I was treated civilly.

Yesterday we came from Dartmouth to my niece Eudocia Freeman in Plainfield the [?] ship above this & with her [?] happily spent a few moments at Dinner. About the [sun] as how high I arrived when I am now at my cousin Jonathan Chases and in company with my sister Rachel & good Mr. Leonard the Rector of the Parish visited my parents’ graves. On my Mothers tomb stone is written “This is the road to Immortality.” It was composed by my Father himself who survived my Mother from Sept. to April.

Today I go out to see my [?] sister Mercy now a victim to the [wifes] of the Romanists. I shall go to Hopkinton next Monday, after spending the sunday in this place and [?]. Faithfully your loving Hus. P Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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