Philander Chase



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Chase writes about a discussion he had with Wiggin regarding Bishop Hobart's recent sermon and Mr. Norris's review of that sermon. Timothy Wiggin disapproves of Mr. Norris's review of it. Chase also writes about financial support he has received from family members.


Fall 10-20-1826


Olivia, Mrs. Ellen, Wiggin, Bp. Hobart, Mr. H. H. Norris, Hartford, Mr. Kip, Rachael, Baruch, George, Eliza, Lord Bexley


Boston 20 Oct 1826

My Dear Brother:

You know I am so busy as to have left me but a few minutes to write letters: yet to you and to Dear Olivia and all in R.h. and B.C. who can repair from saying a few words, if it be but to say I am here, well, & “hope these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing.”

Mrs. Little Ellens sister, accompanied me to this place and I am now at “Sister [Greenlepfs]” most kindly & hospitably entertained. I dined yesterday at Ben: Wiggin’s & had much conversation about our friends in England: Bp. Hobarts sermon and the Review of it by his [?] friend Mr. H. H. Norris were, however, the chief topics. This gentle man who once turned me from his door to please Bp. Hobart now abuses him most unmercifully for which the little man of controversy returns his quid pro quo. What I most deeply regret is that they seem to be [desirous] of brining their respective countries & Churches into the quarrel. One could stand by & see these “Bull and Bull dog” competitors (a comparison which the little Bp. Himself has chosen) fight without shedding many tears, but when they, with their muddy sides and bloody mouths, would tarnish the garments of the Church and Country to which they pretend they are doing such true & laudable service, our grief becomes insupportable.

As touching this business our Friend Timy: Wiggin writes [thus].

“I am sorry to say that it (Mr. Norris’s review) is written in as bad spirit & with as bad taste as the sermon itself. I do not think the reply is approved by good Churchmen. Lord Bexley informed me a few days since that he felt a warm interest in your proceedings & disapproved of those writings which prevented good feelings from being cultivated between the people of the two kindred nations.”

Some friends in this place seem to take a deep interest in the affairs of the Western Church and I think I shall stay till next monday. Monday night if the Lord will I shall be in Hartford.

Your last gift (thro’ the hands of our brother Baruch) of $100 to our seminary I received with the most sincere & heartfelt gratitude: add it to what you sent last winter to Mr. Kip for me, (also $100), and what Olivia gave me 20 and Rachael 16, and B[ar]uch 61, & Ellens 25. [thurs], you have


100 D

61 B

20 O

25 E

16 R


May God ever bless you all and crown your works of love here below with eternal treasures of his everlasting Kingdom!.

Remember me kindly to George and Eliza: and kiss my grand Daughter many times for

Your loving most faithful & grateful Brother

Philander Chase

Hou: D. Chase

20th Oct. 1826

Letter to Dudley Chase



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