Philander Chase



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Chase is very sick and staying at Dr. Nettleton's home while he recovers before he resumes his trip.


Fall 9-11-1826


Dr. Nettleton, Philadelphia, Vermont, Old England, Mr. Sparrow, J, Brother Dudley, Portland, the lakes, canals, Rebecca


Mt. Vernon Sept. 11 1826

My Dear Nephew

I am quite debilitated with an attack of the Bill-’ fever. I was taken the day I set off for this place monday at night, Hoping that my painful symptoms would pass away I continued my journey, but obliged to yield at a Tavern about 10 miles from this to the [wilderness] of the [distemper]. The Dr. was sent for: and the complaint formidably attacked; This I am most thankful to tell you was successful. More bile was taken from my constitution than ever before in the same time.

On friday the Dr. Nettleton, brought me to his own home, as to that of the good Samaritan and here I have been since getting a little better every day. I was in hopes my wife would have come to see me today (for I had sent for her) but I hear the careless post boy has the letter still in his pocket. “These things are transacted better in Old England”!

You ask me shall we meet in Pha.? dear, dear Sir I say yes by all means! And I have now great pleasure in telling you I depend upon it. Poor J, is bragging in his letters to his friends of what vast consequence it must be to this Diocese now to [be] represented in the Gen Conven: which glorious benefit will be all lost if his [?] in [Cincinnati] is not supplied so that the Rev of C. Ch. may attend! And I hear he is getting some one to write out a report in goodly form of the state of the Chh in Ohio, thinking no doubt, he will be the Committee man from the West. He applied to Mr. Sparrow to write a sketch of this, and if he applied to him to whom would he not apply to on the [score] of friendly intercourse? Now let this information encite you to your duty. Make out this report yourself and without thinking of him present it. Be on the spot yourself and take your stand where duty demands and the honour and dignity of this diocese require

Mr. Sparrow shall make out the certificate I think vacation will commence not till I I mean we return from the Con[vention] for you must come back with me to [Schenectady] Brother Dudley I think will accompany me from Vert. to Pa.

The [Coth] was [received] in good order and welcome.

The plumbers all well. One called today to see me.

Am going if I get better tomorrow to ride out to the College site: and next day I hope to set off for Portland, the lakes, Canals, and Vert.

My head turns round with weakness but my heart is ever steady yours

Love to dear dear Rebecca

Philander Chase

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