Philander Chase



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Philander asks his wife to write more and asks her to not allow Philander to walk until he has more strength. He also mentions the addition of a new cow, the granted injunction on their "lawless tenants." He feels lonely without Dudley.


Summer 8-17-1826


Mr. Sparrow, Philander, tenants, Judge, Mr. Monroe, Dudley, Henry, Mary


17 August 1826


My dear wife

Why did you not write as well as Mr. Sparrow? If it were no more than one word it would have comforted me under my cares.

Mr. S. says “Philander begins to limp about.” Poor, dear, lovely, Boy! Pray don’t encourage his walking till he gets more strength.

The cow sent us is most welcome. She will prove a [?] here amidst our manifold deprivations. The Judge has granted us an injunction on our lawless tenants they commit no more waste in taking away our lime and timber. If they now proved in acts of trespass they are liable on proof to imprisonment for contempt of court. But they have [not] the it like.

Mr. Monroe gave me a Dollar and a half from out of the money which you gave him for expenses.

I find myself very lonesome and have many things to do since Dudley left me. Pray give my love to him and to little Henry and Mary and kiss little Philander for their loving Father and

Your faithful and affectionate


Phr. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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