Lord Kenyon



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Fragment of a letter in which Kenyon discusses Catholicism in Ireland as well as a few of Chase's English supporters.




Protestant Reformation, Ireland, Catholicism, Adam Hodgson, Bishop of Salisbury, Bishop of Bath, Bishop of Wells, Mrs. Burgess



home with renovated spirits. By God’s blessing the Reformation is advancing not slowly I trust in Ireland notwithstanding the violence exercised towards the Protestants, strongly showing therein the weakness & human rage, & the still strong voice of true Religion. I hear occasionally from A Hodgson whose zeal seems unabashed. He is I hope going on prosperously & seems most respected in Liverpool.

The good Bishops of Salisbury & Bath & Wells, I hope keep quite well, but the latter has lost Mrs Law & has much anxiety concerning the health of some of his family poor man. They are all I believe amiable, but one of his sons not quite [discreet]. The Bishop of Salisbury is sadly disappointed in not having succeeded in pleasing Mrs Burgess for whose sake alone he moved from N. [David] to Salisbury. She thinks the latter place unhealthy as she did N Davids Palace when she was there. All our kindest respects & regards to Mrs Chase, to whom & yourself I feel our debts are much greater for your prayers & kind acceptance of our attachment, than any you can owe to us. We most cordially return them in prayers for the best blessings of God to you & yours & Ever your most obliged and affecte friend


Letter to Philander Chase



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