Philander Chase



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Chase provides another update on the water well, saying that he cannot continue the project any longer without an auger and the assistance of a blacksmith.


Summer 7-4-1826


Gambier Site of Kenyon College

July 4 1826

My Dear Wife

The work in digging the Well is too hard to proceed another inch without an auger. This and all its apparatus I have procured without expense of a friend in the neighbourhood; and also of another friend a Cogg-wheel. The [frame] and the trundle head and the [fitting] the machine for Horse power will be at my own cost.

Besides all this the auger, as they are taken off and put on for boring need constant sharpening, which besides other blacksmith work will require the presence of [?]’s son on the spot continually. Now they cannot Mr. Glass come up here immediately. 3 If he intends even to come Now is the time. What expense we are at we would rather pay to him than any other man; this with what the neighbour would afford him by way of work would keep him I think in constant employ. There is no blacksmith in several miles and if I do not get him or some other man I shall be obliged to go to town (6 miles) for my work.

Tell him to come and see and if he conclude to remain with me he then will transport his bellows and tools. I will give him as good a chance as any one else has been in the land way. Tho’ in haste always your faithful and loving husband

Phi Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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