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Memorandum of Amended Articles to the Constitution of the Seminary




Board of Trustees, Protestant Episcopal Church


Amended Articles “Constitution of the Seminary” Columbus 1826.

“Article 5”

Art.5. “The Seminary shall be under the immediate charge and superintendence of the Bishop of the Diocese, for the time being, as President of the institution.”

“Article 10”

Art. 10. “This constitution may be amended by the concurrent vote of the Bishop, a majority of the Board of Trustees of the Seminary and a majority of the Convention of the Diocese, with the concurrence of a majority of the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States.

Provided, that no alteration or amendment whatever be made in [in] this Constitution, whereby the funds of the Seminary, raised in England be appropriated to any other use than the education and theological instruction of students, for the ministry in the Protestant Episcopal Church. This proviso, however, does not preclude the lawfulness and constitutionality of annexing a college to the Seminary, and making provision so far as practicable, for the admission of other students, at their own expense, to the benefit of a College education.”

[N.B. The above articles to be printed in the Constitution of the Seminary, being the fifth and tenth, as amended by the Convention held at Columbus A.D. 1826.]

Memorandum of Amended Articles to the Constitution of the Seminary



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