George Matthew



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Matthew assures Chase of his support and asks him to write when he is able.




Ohio, Greenwich, Mr. Marriott


Greenwich July 7th 1826

I cannot, much esteemed & venerable Prelate, allow the offer which has been made me of sending a letter in the dispatch now preparing for Ohio, without anxiously availing [?] of it, to acknowledge the kindness with which you have [?] & [mentioned] me, many other Greenwich friends, in your correspondence with Mr. Marriott & Mr. [?]. In one of your letters you express something of a fear that the good things of this world [pound] upon your Greenwich friends, may make them forget that this is not their final home but only the road that leads to it: but you add that you have often mistaken the fact in [?] instance; & found your [?] illguarded; & that you have discovered that there are seldom [loses] without them. I trust that you have mistaken the answer in the present instance: & that, altho’ as am desirous of sharing good hospitality, when friends such as you honour us with a visit, yet that such [?] of the good things of life (as they are called) so as not proceed from [winds] too much in love with this life. The Vicarage of Greenwich is, I assure you, no [?]. There is abundance of water, connected with its [?] as well as [spirituals], to forbid any under indulgence, & any forgetfulness of our real station in this life. If, however, any thoughts are [?] feebly engaged on this world, I can safely say, that there are few things in it that have interested us more than the distant concerns of Ohio. I read your letters, which have occasionally been communicated to us, with great solicitude & pleasure: & I feel now, as I told you when you came with us, that, [flowing] as the paths of [?] might [comparatively] be, I really felt no little [?] at the lot which has been assigned to you: although the success with which [?] Gracious Providence has blessed our undertaking in the momentous & [audacious] cause which you have attended, most [?] your gratification in proceeding with it, yet, [?] without that success so immediately following, the conscious[?] of the high service in which you are engaged, & of the inestimable importance of the difficult labour which you are bestowing on it, must of itself be a never failing source of pleasure & happiest reflection. May the blessing, which has [?] [afforded] you from honour, still [accompanying] ahead & [?] & [?] you: deeds like yours will long live in the memory of [?], when the work of any common & ordinary labours will be forgotten: though on any [?] hope that the faithful labours of all, in the stations to which they have been appreciated, will not be forgotten above. It will be a high gratification to us to be honoured at any time with communication from you; & as long as you will receive any from us with satisfaction, I shall be most happy in informing you from time to time how things are passing here. But how [?] has been consecrated & spread [for] [divine] [session] since you came here: & what is very important & very gratifying, is well filled at many [?] of [service]. Believe me, revered & highly esteemed [?], your very respectful [?] George Matthew

Letter to Philander Chase



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