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Writing about his father, Philander Chase, giving the first sermon on the hilltop


Spring 6-5-1826


Bishop of Ohio, Genesis, Abraham, Protestant Episcopal Church


In The Eighth Chapter of Genesis it is said of Abraham that he removed from a certain place unto a mountain and pitched his tent and builded an altar unto the Lord. and called on the name of the Lord.”

Thus in these latter days did the first Bishop of Ohio come to this hill top and pitched his tent near by. Having redeemed a limited area out of the wilderness of fallen trees and tangled under and upper growth of young Trees he offered at this spot the sacrifice of prayer and praise according to the Service of the Protestant Episcopal Church. and thus began his work for God by calling on his name under the canopy of Heaven. These hills and values had never heard the sound of [the] Church going bell but word had been circulated round about the log cabins in the woods and the children with bare feet and shocks of hair bleached in the sun came through the by-paths doubtless curious to see and hear something new a few mothers with their babes ventured to come. The first hour was given to a Sunday school of these first comense -- then the Bishops portly form appeared robed in his [?] cassock and began the morning prayer There was some attempt at singing certainly not of Chanting unless it was by the Choir of birds in the groves. A few boards made seats for the front rows and split rails in the rear The [?] were used to [?] things and the working men on the hill did not mind it.

The sermon plain

Doubtless it was acceptable to God. for the beginning of the work [to] follow to his glory and the spread of his [?] by “calling on the name of the Lord” consecrated the act and made the very place worthy of a memorial to future generations.

Rev. Dudley Chase

Reminisces of Chase's First Hilltop Sermon



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