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Statement concerning potential lands to be leased near the proposed site of the Seminary and College in Knox County.




Knox County, General Convention, Columbus


Further Notice concerning the proposed Site for the Theological Seminary and Kenyon College in Knox County.

Several persons having signified their desire to become the immediate purchasers of Farms & lots in the neighbourhood of this Institution and to that one, having expressed their request that a sale of the same should take place on the spot at the time of the great & general meeting for examination of the Lands on the [2d] & 3d days of June, next.

The [Undersigned] deeming it no more than equitable that if such an event take place it ought to be made known equally to all his friends, begs leave to state that at present he sees no reasonable objection to such a measure provided it be distinctly [undersaw] that the said sale of the [Sd] farms & lots be leased on the condition of the establishment of the Site of the Seminary & College in Knox County by the approaching Convention. On this condition the Undersigned thinks it probably that the S’d sale at the time will be made to complete the features of a proposition to be presented to the Convention in Columbus on the 7 of June next.

Phi’r Chase

Delaware Ohio 17 April 1826



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