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Chase reports growing support for the plan to move the college and seminary to Knox County. He tells his nephew of all the work he has done to ensure his plan is upheld, and also discusses where he will preach next.




Knox County, Marietta, Portsmouth, Dudley Woodbridge, Mr. Kinney, Mr. Lampon, Clairsville, Zanesville, Mt. Vernon, Mr. Hall, Delaware, Perry Township, Wooster, Mansfield, Newark, Mill Creek


Worthington 11 April. 26

Dear Nephew,

The objections to our Knox County plan grow less and less, and the reason & the magnitude of the object daily increase. Even the Presbyterians at Marietta even there, under the wing of Athens allowed that this great plan having so evidently the good of the state and of all generations to come in view ought to be supported by every body: and as a proof that this sentiment was sincere they offered to subscribe for its support. Dudley Woodbridge sd. he would not only subscribe one hundred Dollars to my [annular] but as soon as we should be accommodate with buildings he would send his two eldest sons immediately to the school.

At Portsmouth they see the preference of my plan to all others. Mr. Kinney will if God permit be at the great meeting on the 2’d or 3 of June and will bring his son with him to put to school. I was at Columbus on Sunday last, day before yesterday. I staid at Mr. [Lampon’s]. He is entirely of my opinion, and I think will aid the subscription much.

I have written to more people since I saw you than in three times the same space of time [closing] my whole life. From New Orleans to New Hampshire, all my intermediate acquaintance have been addressed. So that if the plan fails it will not be for want of exertion on my part. Night and day in the steamboat and on shore: among friends & foes I have devoted my time and talents to this work but I am conscious that all this without God’s blessing will not be crowned with success. Therefore let us pray our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.

You said to me that [you] wanted some specific ground to be marked out. If you have not done this already for yourself cannot you go to H: Clairsville Morris T. & Zanesville. I think Mr [Hincle] of Somerset will try to wake the German Lutherans in our favour, and that he will proceed as far as new Philadelphia. I have written to Mr. Hall to traverse the Connecticut Reserve. As to myself, I hope God will support me in the fatigues which await me. Next Sunday I preach in Delaware. The Sunday following in Perry Township. The next in Wooster and then perhaps I may go to Mansfield then. But my plan is not gone into detail the general feature is to circumscribe the centre at Mr. Vernon and get all to subscribe something if on no better principle on [that] interest and this in materials and labour for building & improvement of the grounds. As soon as the site is determined by the Convention and the Town and grounds laid out it is desirable that 30 good substantial Pennsylvania Log Cabins be erected on the Rear of the lots which besides serving our present purposes of immediate use may answer a good purpose as stables for many years hereafter.

I said I should be at Perry Township on Sunday after next I think on reflection that I shall be in Newark on that day and in P. the Sunday after. Perhaps it may be I shall preach in P. on the weekday & be in Mill Creek Parish on the Sunday. You may address me at Gen’l Johnston’s Coshocton if your letter can meet me there or at Mt. Vernon. My friends in that quarter will all be acquainted with my movements.

When shall I get time to write my address? May I have your constant prayers that God will support me! The school is now completely full. We are as thick as pigeons in a nest. If we had not three of the most industrious self denying saints for our female department we could not go on for a week without a crash as it is all in order and neatness. And what is more than all God’s [name] I trust is hallowed in all things. Your faithful Uncle,

Philander C.

[Side of first page:]: Letter which I sent to you I shall not copy. Perhaps for the sake of preparing the history of our College & Church you may think them worth preserving. Poor things but for this!!

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