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Dudley discusses the death of Philander Jr. and tells Rebecca that he has forwarded her letter to his wife.




George Chase, Randolph, Philander Jr., Mr. Ruggles


City of Washington March 27th 1826

My Dear Niece,

I have the pleasure to acknowledge the [rest] of your very good letter and have forwarded to George Chase the one you conferred to my direction. He resides at Randolph Orange Co. Vermont and I hope is contented & happy with his wife a most excellent Lady, and his little daughter of whom I presume you have heard him speak. I need not if I could – but I cannot tell you how very sensibly your letter affected me. It brot. to my recollection a thousand things & circumstances so affecting & unspeakably tender.

Mrs. Chase, my Dear Wife, had a great regard all all the love of a mother for our much lamented Philander – who, in his letters from Char’n and in his last moments, as Mr. Ruggles informed us, remembered his Dear Aunt, and commended to her love & friendship his Dear Wife & child. And Oh, how often have I heard her speak of the last request of her dear Philander, and with the greatest sensibility express the deep interest she felt for you and your little Mary Olivia. How often has she declared to me her hopes that she should someday see & embrace you & your dear child.

I have taken the liberty to forward to my Dear Wife your letter to me. It will serve as a memorial, and awaken in her bosom those feelings long cherished and those hopes which it will be my greatest pleasure to gratify at as early a period as our affairs can possibly permit.

Wishing you all peace and contentment

I am, dear Madam

Your friend and affectionate Uncle,

Dudley Chase

The above is a copy of my answer to the letter from Mr Philander

Letter to Rebecca Chase Morse



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