Philander Chase



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Chase has left the parish and will be traveling to the western parts of the country. He has left behind his wife and young son but will meet a friend in Columbus, Ohio.




Mr. Brinley; Columbus, OH; Samuel Johnson; Mrs. Lee


Hartford Mar 2nd 1817

My dear Son Philander,

By recurring to your Calend’r you’ll perceive this is Sunday; and it may interest you to be told that it is late in the evening; and time that is marked with circumstances which fill my mind with emotions which I can not well describe.

I have this day bid adieu to my beloved parish - not in a set formal discourse for that I knew by my feelings I never could go thro’ with; but by other means which tho. less ostentatious were not the less affecting.

In administering the Blessed Sacrament to remember it was in all probability the last time this side of the blessed [?] of the L[?] in Heaven, filled my heart with emotions which had well nigh burst its tenement. It was with great difficulty that I performed my duty. But I need not revert to the past in describing the peculiarities of the present moment. How can I tell you my feelings now that all my things are packed up and I have nothing to think of but the heart-rending scene which awaits me tomorrow! Tomorrow when with the leave of God I shall embark in the stage for the western world. - May God assist me when the moment comes that I must press your dear Mother and helpless Little Brother to my bosom in pronouncing (I pray it may be a short) adieu!

O my dear dear Philander this scene i fear is too much for me. Yet I hope to be strengthened. I shall be so I am confident if I hear that you are and do well. Remember then that much rests on you to support my sinking spirits. Pray to God for strength to resist all allurements [and] vice. Take care of your health by con[stant] and moderate exercise. Pursue your studies with ardour and adorn your mind with every virtue.

Re[member] me kindly to [Mr.] and Mrs. Brinley - address me at Columbus Ohio [where I] agreed to meet a friend by the 26th of A[pril].

I go the upper route by the way [Buffalo]. At Batavia I expect to see Sam’l Johnson and my niece Mrs. Lee - she that was [?] Smith.

I need not tell you with what sincere emotion I recommend you to God’s Holy keeping while I write myself

Your affectionate


Phil. Chase

Letter to Philander Chase, Jr.



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