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Dudley responds to George's request for advice about what to do with the farm. He references "a grand council on agricultural affairs" with Aunt Chase and Salmon Chase, telling George to use his judgement and do what he thinks is best. Dudley also asks him to review the leases of several tenants and make sure the farmland is taken care of.


Spring 3-14-1826


Aunt Chase, Salmon Chase, Mr. Eddy, Mrs. Chase, Johonott, Cole, Bedford, Lomb, Bana, Horace, Washburn, "a grand council on agricultural affairs"


Washington March 14th 1826

Dear George

I, last evening, finished a a long letter, for me to write in a hurry, to your dear friend Aunt Chase; in which I saw some things which, as you are in partnership with her as to my poor letters, may serve as an excuse for me to [?] this in many respects.

You ask for advice & direction as to what shall be done with the farm on which you now are? I have already written you, if I rightly remember, and express’d my wish for you to advise with those whose advice I should take If I were at home, and then do what your own judgement shall dictate. Aunt Chase Cousin Salmon & yourself, “a grand council on agricultural affairs” How can you mistake? Besides you have Mr Eddy a near neighbour and always willing to assist in friendly advice in such matters, being a good judge and well acquainted with our views & [insight] in relation to the subject. I have talked often with you as to what was proper to be done about the barn, well, garden & &. I must leave entirely to your own conclusions what to do about breaking up any part of the farm at present.

I wish you with Mrs Chase, would look over the files of Leases -- Johonnotts, Coles, Bedford, Lombs, Mixtens, Bana’s -- see if there is any attention necessary to be paid to them or either of them this Spring -- I expect Bana will leave the 1st of April or sooner, ie when his lease is out. His rent is paid by his own & John [French P’s] [note]. Mr. Mixter I suppose will want all the place after Bana’s present term expires.

Should Mr. Cole or Johonnott or Mr Bedford leave this spring other persons will probably want to succeed them -- Look to this concern and also pay all necessary attention to the security for past rent. Salmon will aid you in this business.

Horace, with all due reference to “the council” will take care of the domestic establishment as to the Dea Washburn I do not know what aught to be done in that respect. From what I kno, he is so much out of health as to be wholly unable to take care of the farm & carry it on himself. There is an important interest, and it must be seen to, a large stack of cattle sheep swine & & (see farm book.) a noble farm in good repair. It must not be neglected. Some body must have charge of it. And here I must refer you to “the Council.” Do the best you can, and I shall approve “Do not indulge in any coldness or jealousy towards those with whom it is constantly our duty to act” is a good maxim. Give my love to your Dear wife, write me often and believe me to be most affectionately your friend & Uncle

D. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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