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Updates on the Bissel family. Philander just came home from school and George will soon.




Mrs. Bissel; Cyrus; Dudley Chase; Janette; Cambridge; George Chase; Robert Burnside; New Orleans, LA; Philander Chase Jr.


Hartford Dec. 30th 1816

Dear Brother;

Your esteemed fav’r of the 25th inst: has just come to hand.

In behalf of poor Mrs. Bissel I thank you most sincerely for your kind intercession for her unfortunate son. I carried your letter and its contents to her as soon as re’d - and have this moment returned home. I found her and her two lovely daughters, now just ripening into life, as usual busily employed in earning their scanty livelihood. They saw good news in my face and ere I began your letter fancied its blessed contents - The tears of the Mother and the extacy of the daughters evinced the sincerity of the benedictions which they poured forth on you and all concerned in this act of mercy. It was a moment of great value to me on your behalf - for if anything is efficacious (under the [?] interception) it is the prayers of the widow and the orphan - “the blessing of those who were ready to perish.” When you return you shall see them: that they may pay their respects to you in person.

Sam’l W. whose discharge you affected has gone to sea from W London, and will not learn his happy liberation till his return.

And as to things nearer home.

I should not have let your first letter remain till now unanswered but for the weighty reasons of which I see you’ve been apprised thro’ my dear Son George. My sickness has indeed been afflicted especially when joined with that of Cyrus and our lovely Babe. But it has pleased God to give us all a considerable share of health. My old complaint however still hangs about me; and Cyrus is still under the Doctor’s hands, and from the nature of his complain excites our tenderest solicitude. God grant our fears may not be realized in a confirmed Epilepsy! He is so well as to have attended to the business of the store for a day or two past. Dear little Dud - is on the whole better tho’ labouring under the effects of a severe cold caught after his fever had passed away.

Brother [?] and his wife were here and spent Christmas with us. I was so well ast to officiate on that blessed day though with much difficulty. They seemed much pleased with their visit; and the next day took their leave of us, carrying home with them their Daughter Janette.

As Philander’s vacation commenced on the 27th he by our request obtained leave to be with us on the day of the Nativity. He rec’d this day your kind letter via Cambridge; and values it highly. In due time you will receive his acknowledgements for your favours. George will be home about the 10th of Jan: when our dear family circle will, for a little while, be complete again. God grant that no [?] accident prevent! Do examine that Rob’t Burnside’s cause with care; and if you find (as I verily believe you will) his claim well founded pray do give him your support. I knew him well in N.O. - He is an honest man - and by favouring him your goodness will be well directed.

All send their best love

Your affec’te brother

Philan’r Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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