Dudley Chase



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Dudley thanks George for his letters, discusses the weather in New England, and tells him that Philander is in Washington staying with Henry Clay.




Henry Clay, Philander Chase


Washington Feb’y 14th 1826

My Dear George,

You cannot imagine how much your letter of 2nd Feb’y comforted me. Indeed all your letters are delightful – not only for the matter of them but also fro the manner of them; and because of the good aspect of matter & things in relation to you & yours. You were not very explicit concerning the [claim] you hinted at – As to the twenty dollar prize, pray don’t indulge in apprehensions of ridicule from me. Indeed, my Dear George, If I can judge from my feelings I must look rather wise and grave than [ridiculous] — Everything you have done is just right and suits me exactly. What compounded cold weather you have had. The papers talk of 10, 20 and even 30 degrees below zero, all over New England!! We have very cold weather here almost the same time, but nothing like that. Your father remains at Washington yet is at Mr. Clay’s and a great favourite here. Is very happy for your sake. Write often and forgive my brevity.

Love to all,

Yours always,

D. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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