Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon updates Chase on the lives of his English friends and offers his continued support for Chase's cause.




Dr. Gaskin, Board of Trustees, Mr. Wiggin, Knox County, G.W. Marriott, Mr. Ward, Mrs. Ward



Jan’y. 25


My dearest Bishop,

I have waited to offer my grateful thanks for your most kind & welcome letter of last Novr. 4, till I could send you the enclosed document to which good Dr. G’s name was added when I first received it. The dear good man I lament to say is now much altered: he has been in great danger of an apoplectic attack, & the [tendency] of blood to his head has caused his losing the sight of one of his eyes. He is now we hope on a judicious system, & by God’s blessing we trust he may be restored again to perfect sight & the health of a green old age. Your letter is indeed most welcome to us all & we trust that tho’ the Trustees are unable to do all you wish, & all I wish yet that in our 2 resolutions to you we shall have expressed our sentiment in such manner as may answer your wise intentions. I had hoped I might have supplied good Mr. Wiggin’s plan as [?] Landlord of the 4,000 acres suggested by you to him; & was [?] to find it would not do. Most anxiously however do I hope & pray that your wishes for obtaining the Knox Cy. land may be realized. To hear of the increasing zeal in Ohio on the subject does not surprise me: indeed I should be mortified if such [results] were not graciously vouchsafed as a reward to all your pious labours & zeal. Your excellent [?] does indeed warmly engage our veneration & affection, & I pray God that you & she may very long be continued blessed instruments to Ohio of extending [?] education in the principles of the Church of [our] Blessed & only Saviour. Still in the [?] of [care] & every bodily comfort as we all are here I cannot but feel frightened at the [?] labours to which you are both subjected, tho’ I send my humble confidence in His will who alone knows what is best, & who assuredly will not fail His righteous servants who trust in Him & spend themselves in His holy cause. I saw a nice letter on Monday from Mr. [Digby] an old College friend of mine & good G [Marriott], in which he mentions you & your cause with zeal & affection. He is an excellent man a Prebendary of Worcester, & it was in his care I left you at the Clergy & [Sch] examination when I went to make the Bp. of [Oxford]'s [?] useful against the Claims of the [Catholics]. Dear G. Mtt. is I think God quite well again & I trust is likely to get an appointment better calculated to agree with his health than gen’l law pursuits have done. You will believe how delighted we feel at you even hinting at the possibility of you again visiting Old Eng’d & making a second pilgrimage to the resting place of the Saint of Nayland. One finds the Wards are very well, as I bless God all my precious orphans are. They all cordially join in most affectionate & respectful regards with your most obliged and affectionate friend,


Letter to Philander Chase



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