Dudley Chase



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Dudley discusses the offer to purchase his land mentioned in George's last letter. He thanks his nephew for writing and apologizes for not writing a longer letter himself as he is busy in Congress.




Mr. Waldo, Mr. Eddy, Mr. Arnold, Harry Coggswell, Mr. Weston, Bethel, Randolph


Washington Jan’y 18th 1826

Dear George

You say Charles Waldo wishes to buy my [Lancer] Lot on the E.B. and will pay me a fair price in a year. I am willing to sell, and for a fair price. What does Mr. Waldo consider a fair price? That land was [prised] off to me in lieu of money lent. The appraisers were Shubal [?] Henry Arnold & another. [?] [at] the time the [price] was [low] and was satisfied with the judgement. Mr. Waldo can ascertain from Mr. Arnold what the price was. I do no recollect now. I will sell the land at their appraisal for money [in] a year & interest.

I must say that I am willing to have the timber cut unless he concludes [too] long. If leave is given, it will be proper to ascertain beforehand about trees and the prices of them.

As to purchasing more lands – at 15 [?] per head I much doubt the propriety of it. When Dairy cheese &c sells for 5 cents there is no great encouragement to buy lands at 15 [?] per head. Besides I believe Capt. [?] has some orders or directions as is [adviser] already on that subject. Must therefore refer you and Mr. Eddy to him for consultation & calculation.

I have rec’d a letter from Harry Coggswell complaining that Mr. Weston is about seeing him on my account left by you in his hands for that purpose. I wrote you on that subject soon after the receipt of your letter. I hope my communication has not miscarried. Don’t let Coggswell be troubled. I shall write to him to quiet his fears on that head. Your letter of 10th [last] was rec’d today & afforded me much satisfaction. It presented in a very intelligent & interesting manner, the affairs of Bethel & Randolph, to my view. Don’t take any expectations to my short [?] mode of writing to you. I am ever in the upmost haste. I rec’d by this day’s Mail more letters to consume & business to attend to than I can get thro’ with for a week. Besides I have other business on hand connected with Committees with whom I am associated that must be attended to. I must therefore bid you goodnight for the present. Give my compliments & love to Wife & Babe

Yours most affectionately,

Dudley Chase

Letter to George Chase



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