Philander Chase



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Chase congratulates Hodgson on his marriage, describes progress at the Seminary and College, recounts an injury he is now recovering from, and updates Hodgson on the plans for where the College will be fixed.




Lord Kenyon, Indians, injury, Mr. Sparrow, Peter Roe, Oxford, Cambridge, Knox County, Mr. Wiggin


(Adam Hodgson Esq: Liverpool) Jan. 2nd. 1826. Worthington Ohio

Very Dear Sir

Having heard lately from an excellent and mutual friend Lord Kenyon, that you have been joined to an amiable lady in Holy Wedlock, the main intent of writing this is to assure you of my prayers for God’s blessing on so important a change in your life. May the fear of the Lord ever be before you to deter you from sin. May the love of God ever be within you excite to all obedience – & may the communion of the Holy Spirit cement and sanctify your union ever more and more in this world that it may Eventuate in Love Eternal in the world to come thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

I pray you to remember me most affectionately to all those dear friends in Liverpool who so kindly befriended me. Tell them that I constantly and devoutly pray God to return ten-fold blessings for all their goodness vouchsafed to the poor Ohio Church. Our School, the foundation of our future College & Seminary assumes every day a more systematic shape. This is at my own [residence]. All our rooms are full at both houses. In all 37 in family. We could have many more but have not room. We have now two Teachers besides myself, 20 students and a few Indians or natives of the forest whom we are endeavouring to Educate in the knowledge of our Saviour. I know you will join your prayers to ours that our feeble means be not left without God’s blessing.

I have lately been much injured by a fall from my horse. I was returning from preaching in one of my little parishes, 15 miles off. 4 weeks ago yesterday. It was in the night & my horse at full speed when he stumbled & fell. I was taken up with my hip much bruised, though not [distracted] as was first supposed. Thank God for unmerited & unbounded mercy, I did not fall till within the Settlement where my [wail] would be heard by fellow B[?]. I had just emerged from a 12 mile forest, in which (such was the extreme coldness of the weather) I must if I had fallen, have inevitably perished. I am now fast recovering & have begun again to officiate.

Our Scholars are most attentive to their work. Mr. Sparrow the Nephew of Mr. Peter Roe, I think would be recommended for his scholarship in either of your beloved Universities, Oxford or Cambridge. With the blessing of God on our Seminary it must & shall be worthy of our English Benefactors. Pray dear Sir a late edition (I have none for that matter) of your travels. You said that you had mentioned Ohio in it. If so receive my thanks.

Our plans of fixing our Seminary & College on our own domain 4,000 acres gains friends every day. Though of the plans offered for that purpose it is not yet determined which shall have the preference. That in Knox County takes the lead at present. We have obtained the [little] bond of 8,000 acres at 3£ per acre. The moment our College is fixed on it this land will be more than twice doubled in value & in a few years, it will be four doubled. We can sell the one half for the payment of the whole & if Mr. Wiggin do not choose to buy, the next friend whom we wish to make the purchase is yourself. You can see my letters to him: & do as I have invited him to do. The matter if finally determined in [June] (first Wednesday) next.

I am your most faithful obliged & affectionate friend,

Philander Chase

Letter to Adam Hodgson



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