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Lord Kenyon's opinion "Concerning Alterations in Constitution of Theological Seminary in Ohio"




Board of Trustees, General Theological Seminary


The Constitution of the Theological Seminary of the Pro: Epis: Church of Ohio enacts certain provisions which are understood to be the basis on which the funds were collected for that Seminary in England.

The last article of this Constitution enacts that the said constitution may be altered by the Bishop, the Trustees & the Convention; or by the unanimous vote of the two latter bodies without the Bishop.

It follows, that the Articles containing the provisions above referred to, may be thus altered.

This contingency not likely indeed soon to happen but which may happen can be guarded against, on the present organization of the Seminary as an independent diocesan seminary, only by the Trustees of the fund in England, expecting a deed of gift of the funds in which these provisions are stipulated as the conditions on which the funds are to be held; & in case of the violation of these conditions empowering some Corporate body, as for example, the Bishops of the other diocese *as a Committee of the incorporated Board of Trustees of the General Theological Seminary, to institute legal measures for the obtaining of those funds to be appropriated for such purposes of the Church as they may direct.

* It may be doubted whether without such a designation the Prot. Bishops in the United States wd. be legally acknowledged so as to give the security sought for.

Concerning alterations in the Constitution of the Theo’l Sem. in Ohio.

Lord Kenyon’s opinion.

Opinion Concerning Alterations to Constitution



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