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Chase provides small updates on students affairs at the college


Winter 12-16-1825


Indians, England, blankets, types, petition, Judge Russles


Wor: Ohio: 16 Dec. 1825

Dear Sir,

When I tell you we have now seven Indians under our tuition it will be a sufficient reason to assign why I wish the duties on 114 pair[s] of Blankets given to us by our benevolent friends in Engd. remitted.

When I tell you that our students will be employed much in setting up of [Types] by way of making them perfect in the mechanism of our language as well as to promote religion & learning by the publication of good books it will be a sufficient reason joined with the assurance that the types and plates are bona fide fide [sic] the property of [?]

[many] to ensure the remission of duties (no small thing) on them also. The communion plate belonging to the Chapel will have the remission without a word. And as it [resputs] our Philosophical apparatus of all [sorts] [?] and to come the course of this will be easy.

The petition I shall get ready to accompany this. I have designedly been laconic leaving all the story to you & Judge [Russles].

I wrote in pain -- my bruised limb however I think is better. Ever your [sincere] fr[iend] & faithful servt

Ph. Chase

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