Timothy Wiggin



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Wiggin writes that there will soon be important information about Ohio and the Seminary and tells Marriott to avoid giving land near the Seminary to any but the most "desirable" purchasers. He informs Marriott he is very pleased with Mr. West's recent statement and that they should prepare for his reception in Ohio.




London, England


Seminary, Mr. West, Lord Kenyon, tenants, land


You will treat [this] confidentially. It relates to the most interesting occurrence [which] has attended Ohio, [and] the Seminary, and will, I hope, and believe, be the subject of another letter from me in a very few days. In the meantime do not sell on let land near the Seminary to any but very desirable purchasers or tenants. I think we shall send you a Colony of choice men. At all events you shall know what good ground I had for hoping all this at the moment of writing. I was sorry that you omitted Trustee [Hoare] in your list of Engravings. If you can send a few more, will you rember [sic] him, Lady Palmer Wanlip-Hall, Mr Ha[born] of Colchester, and Mr Rogers of Bath? When I give a hint, I give it on a [serap], which may be separated from my letter, if that should be kept or shewn. I am impatient to write to you about Mr West.

I am much pleased with the statement of Mr West, [and] think well of the plan of first writing to Bishop Chase. If he approve, it will be well for Mr W to go out and inform himself of the [expediency] of [encouraging] his Countrymen to follow. It will be proper to approve him of the necessity of their possessing [some] property not only to enable them to pay their passage out but to aid them of their arrival in Ohio. Some preparation should be made for their reception, otherwise their situation would be quite uncomfortable. All this [however] can be [?] there. Always my Dear Sir

Truly yours

Timothy Wiggin

I believe the Colony will supply a professor or two of the [?] [?]. My next letter will be written as if you had not received a hint previously, and be fit for general exhibition. Lord Kenyon approves the plan.

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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