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George Chase updates Dudley Chase on his family and travels and describes his time with Mr. Grover, a "French War" veteran.






Mr. Grover, French War, Revolutionary War, Mr. Cotton, female prayer meeting, Daniel Batchelder, Stockbridge


Bethel Dec. 24. 1826.

Very Dear Uncle

I am now in Mr. Grover’s east room in company with old Mr. Grover now 85 years of age, the French war soldier and the Revolutionary Patriot “for during the war.” Tis but a few minutes since he gave me a history of the skirmish in which he received the wound through his face and neck. He has now in his hands the ounce ball which was cut out of his neck. On Friday last my wife and child came down in a carriage provided by Mr. Grover I followed on foot and stopped a Washburn’s store for the purpose of procuring a decent hat for myself which Aunt Chase had kindly told me to purchase at that place. I bought a good one, I think for $3.00. I found Capt. Cotton there with a sled load of provender ground at the mill. I took passage with him. It was exceedingly cold and I became chilled through. We stopped a moment at Uncle Cotton’s—saw Caroline and our Mary (to whom I brought your letter and enclosure) and several others—there was a female prayer meeting—all well. I would except Daniel Batchelder’s wife—but there are hopes of her recovery.

Found all well at Mr. Grover’s. Mr. Grover desires to be remembered and thanks you for your enclosures.

Mrs. G. and my wife are at Church where a Mr. McDonald preaches. My wife was not pleased that in the hurry of writing my last letter to you I should have omitted to assure you of her grateful regards.

I received a kind letter from you last Wednesday and intended to have brought it down with me, but in the hurry of leaving home I left it in my drawer. I can not therefore answer it as I should otherwise more particularly.

It is probable that I shall remain here and in the neighbourhood or at Stockbridge a fortnight. If I hear anything interesting in the meantime—I shall not fail to write.

Your affectionate Nephew

Geo. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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