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Fragment of a letter in which Wiggin reports enthusiasm for Chase's cause in England and suggests that the Seminary bear the name Kenyon.




Lord Kenyon, G.W. Marriott, Mr. Pratt, Lady Rosse, Duff Macfarlane, Bishop of Chester, Bp. Moore, Bp. [Brownald]



Since I wrote the inclosed, I have rec’d a most kind letter from Lord K inclosing your most cheering and delightful letter of the 13th. You can scarcely imagine how much all your best friends here are gratified with a knowledge of the fact that your cause is gaining strength at home, by the [accession] of Bishops, that [voice], here, ranked among your enemies. This will operate favorably here and carry a conviction with it, to all who are not so callous, as to be proof against the [clearest] evidence. Perhaps [Hackney] may still remain in the dark, but our good friend G.W. Marriott will cause its light to shine far and wide. We rejoice at your increased success, and the more so, because it is the triumph of principle over cunning and bad feeling, and it furnishes another proof that the mild manner, & humble appearance of the founder of Christianity, will make its way, when guided by his spirit & principles, even if the Mighty of the land are arranged against it. All our children, but the infant remember you with pleasure, and the portrait which hangs over the parlour fireplace, will remind them of the original of which it is a most excellent likeness. I shall you when I can do so usefully and shall not expect more from you, although your letters will always be most welcome. I am glad you have written again to Lord K, GWM, Mr. Pratt, and not less so, that you have not forgotten the good Miss Macfarlane. She will be quite delighted with the letter, which Lord K sent to me to forward.

[Middle of second page:] Lord Kenyon has really so much kindness in promoting your cause and wishes so much to spread the doctrine of the Episcopal Church in the United States, that I think your Seminary should bear his name. Cannot you call it the Kenyon Theological Seminary? If you approve I should be delighted to have it called so. I have no doubt his Lordship will aid you during his life, for I think nothing interests him more at present, than the cause of the Church in that portion of the United States. He is doing all he can to gain the present good Bishop of Chester, to support your cause. He told Dr. [Levor] that he had no objection whatever to his promoting a subscription for your objects. I believe he is a good man and a firm friend & supporter, when he takes up a cause and I [understand] he is a most [manly] [independent] character. I have written to Lady Rosse and informed her of the disposition manifested towards you by Bps. [Brownald] & Moore – don’t fail to inform us of any strengthening occurrence.

You have not a better friend than that good Lady, and I rejoice that I have become acquainted with her. I shall inform Lady Rosse of your favorable reception & support at home, and so near the headquarters of your enemy. Adieu my Dear friend once more & believe me ever most truly yours,

T. Wiggin

Letter to Philander Chase



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