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Report on the committee appointed to recieve propositions on location of seminary.




Worthington, Alum Creek, David Prince, Franklinton, Mr. Able Dickinson


The [Committee] appointed to receive proportions for the location of the Theological Seminary have attended to that duty and by [law] to submit the following [?]

1st the proposition for its location on Alum Creek accompanied by a donation of 1000 acres of land under certain conditions and a subscription of $1042.00 in labour and materials by sixty two individuals, also four [active] lists of subscriptions in [mark], procured and building materials amounting to $3719.00 also a pledge from David Prince to build our half of the bridge across Alum Creek.

2nd a proposition for its location at Franklinton, accompanied by a bond subscribed by Lynn [Starling], Mr. S. Sullivant, [Jace] [Bartley] and Abram & Mr. D[?] for the conveyance of the following property [around] the court house in Franklinton, cost - $7.500

Sail ----- 3.700

Meeting house ----- 3000

[Offices] ------ 1300

Brick stone house ----- 2000

Brick house near D[?] ------ 2500

[?] built by Rupell ----- 1500

[?] when Rely [being] ----- 1200

10 [fir] lots ----- 200

2 out lots ----- 500

100 acres of land ----- 2000


3rd a proposition from Mr. Able Dickinson for its location in town [?] Rouge 13 [?] Reserve M[?] bounty, accompanied with an offer of 3000 a. of land estimated to be worth 5$ per acre.

4th a [?] for its location at Worthington Franklin County, accompanied with a subscription in property to the amt. of $2592.00 a [proposition] from [elec’d] Trustees and [stockholding] at the [the] Worthington College to carry to the institute the property and stock belaying to Sd. [?] estimated at $3,500:00

Your committee have learned of other propositions but the above one [?] duly any of which have been handed in, and being fully persuaded that much more advantageous propositions may yet be made if time should be given, beg leave to offer the following [?] [?]

Resolved that the further consideration of the permanent location of the Theological Seminary be postponed until our next annual convention.

Resolved that for the present, the Seminary commanded and the Trustees thereof are hereby respectfully desired to cause it to commence its operations, as soon as may be on the place of the Bishop’s residence near Worthington [?].

Committee Report on Location of Seminary



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