Philander Chase



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Chase asks Johnston to send the rest of his things from Cincinnati.




Mr. Hammond, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Mr. Jones, Mr. Sparrow


To Rev. Mr. Johnston

Worthington April 28 1825

Rev. & Dr. Brother,

I have re’d several letters from you & one from Mr. Hammond lately, but the state of my mind & feelings at present is such as to preclude the possibility of giving them such an answer as would suit them & me; therefore must delay that duty.

This is to request you to have the goodness to collect and send to me as soon and as economically as you can the remainder of my poor things in Cincinat. There not being sufficient to afford a full load if no return waggon can be found coming on to this on Columbus it would perhaps be best to send them as far as Dayton or Springfield & apprise me by letter. In this case or in any other I beg that the waggoner might stipulate to come by the way of Hamilton to take along from Mr. Jones’ about 400 weight of luggage belonging to our mutual and excellent friend Mr. Sparrow.

Your friend in the Lord,

Philr. Chase

Letter to Rev. Johnston



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