Philander Chase



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Chase discusses possible lands to be purchased near Alum Creek for the Seminary.




Dr. McClary, Alum Creek, Board of Trustees, Convention, Zanesville


To James Parker Esq.

Worthington Ohio

April 26 1825


When I sent Dr. Silas McClary to the east to connect with persons who owned lands in Allum Creek touching the possibility of our Seminary being located there, and their willingness to give a goodly portion as an inducement to render that possibility probable, I acted solely on my own responsibility and as a pioneer to some plan that might be laid before the trustees for their inspection and among many other offers command their alteration. Not one of the Trustees had I [consulted] on the subject nor had I the least hint of their approbation of any such plan of placing our Seminary in the woods. On the contrary; since he went away I have re’d. letters from some of them, in consequence of a publication which unbeknown to me had [lept] into the newspapers containing their opinion most decided against such a measure.

My own opinion however remains unaltered that on condition the adjoining land holders come forward with worthy to be named with great advantage they will receive by the Seminary’s being placed in their neighborhood the project may be thought worthy to be brought before our Convention: and not otherwise. As for buying any lands for that purpose it is out of the question. I take the liberty therefore of writing you this letter in answer to the one which you addressed to Dr. Silas McClary of the 7th of April informing you that it is my intention to advocate the placing of our Theological Seminary on a spot about the middle (north and south) of the north half of the section of land lying immediately west of the section owned by yourself and within 65 or 80 rods of the banks of Allum Creek, provided Smith & Jenkins on the south yourself on the east, and DeWolf on the west will promise in good faith to give me each 1000 of lands immediately adjoining us, and not otherwise. The negotiations with others on the north & northeast are supposed in this pledge to proceed & end as they have begun propitiously. Answers to be of any avail must reach me before our Convention which sits in Zanesville on the first Wednesday in June next.

Yours respectfully,

Phr. Chase

Letter to James Parker



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