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Lord Kenyon updates Chase on his life in England and those of his English friends and supporters.




Margaret Kenyon, Edward Kenyon, Dr. Gaskin, Mr. Marriott, Mr. Pratt, Board of Trustees, Bp. Brownall, Bp. Bower, Bp. Moore, Bp. Ravenscroft, Bp. Griswold, Bp. Hobart, Gredington, Perl Hall, Mr. Wiggin, Adam Hodgson, prayer books, Bp. Davids, Bishop of Durham, Ohio


I rejoice to be assured we have about £6000 for you. Would it were ten fold

[Portman Lye]

April 11


My very dear Bishop

This day I have returned here from a three day visit to Brighton with my precious [Margaret] & Edward & have found your most kind & welcome letter of [Thursday]. Most heartily do I bless God for the good account of your sacred cause of yourself & your beloved family which it detains; & favorably pray for every blessing on your labours & on [?]. On Thursday last I had good Dr. Gaskin & Marriott & Mr. Pratt at dinner here; & we have laid the foundation of another statement to be had [?] by your Trustees, & which it is specially to express our gratification at the fulfillment of all our most anxious wishes in respect of the [profoundly] such [?] in at your Seminary is established. That it would be so [known] could have a doubt [?] well aware of your determination on that point. We mean to [?] the appreciation expressed of your work by your Bishops Brownall Bower Moore & Ravenscroft & hope the like of Bp. Griswold: we venture further to express our likes that Bp. H the only substantial opponent will [?] his [requests] into [rejoinings] when he finds how entirely informable your measure is (as approved by your Clerical Convention & [since] obtained by your Legislature to the principle of your church & with true unity. Such is the [?] [presented] to draw up; & trust our excellent friend Mr. Pratt, when we 3 [unite] to request to complete our statement, will embody it with other valuable [?], & let it come forth with as little delay as his avocations will permit. I am thankful to send an excellent account of my 3 valued friends who were my [?]. [?] to M.H. just now at his [?] has sustained the severe loss of his excellent pious brother John, but as that good man had an affection of the [?] from an extraordinary growth of some of the [?], & was never likely to have been sane again had his life been spared his [escape] is a blessing to all whom he was most dear as doubtless it is to himself: he is removed no doubt of the very [?] faithful to [receive] his high reward in the [?] of Paradise. Dear G. M. & his good wife, (of the latter I cannot write in such high terms as I think) have been blessedly supported [under] their [?], in which [?] executions were grievous indeed, she being a long time the only relation in London to attend to poor John when his doctors might allow him to do so. The sweet girl Selina & my dear [?] when I leave shall [?] for his veneration of you & all her dear children are well; & she & her good husband seem such so. I hope in the course of this week to see her husband so again after his law [fatigues]. I have had all my 5 precious children with me but dear Lloyd is returned to [?] & on Wednesday my dear Edward returns to [Harrow.] They are all thank God as far as it let me to say a thank such as I could wish God to make them & are indeed my highest blessings. My sweet [Margaret] I bless God seems [?] again, & every one says how well she looks. Our stay in London is intended to end on the 20th of June, by which time the special duties of P[?] are likely to be over, & health of my sweet children and country claims make me wish to get again to Gredington, & to see my honoured & loved Aunt at Perl. I heard from her this very morning, a letter written in good spirits & with all her characteristic kindness & affection towards me. I hope this month to see good Mr. Wiggin in town; & shall try to make him better acquainted with us all. A. Hodgson is asking after a Bill in P[?], for a railroad [?] Liverpool & Manchester. I trust he may succeed this year, but have no fear of his doing so next year please God all things go [?] well with this signally favoured country. Would that we had but [hearts] duly to appreciate & duly endeavour humbly to [deserve] [entirely] & individually the best blessings vouchsafed to us! There is much salt I trust among us, & in this city I humbly trust there are many truly righteous; tho’ it is not relying on the mouth of any men, but on God’s special mercies only that any blessings can be hoped for. I hope the American Prayer Books will now soon be ready. It seems unaccountable how they can have been delayed so long. The dear good Bp. of [R.] Davids I have seen several times lately: he is thank God [great] well & busy as ever in endeavouring to fulfill his every duty. He showed me your kind letter to him he highly prizes & talked of you with true affection & regard. I think it was him when I reminded of the venerable Bishop of Durham’s reply to someone who must be namely on his [observing] that Bp. Hobart was the most learned of the two American Bishops. “That may be but I venerate the character of Bp. Chase.”

My precious Margaret is indulging herself in the thought of sending your sons further recollection of objects valued by you when in England, but I will not deprive her of the pleasure of communicating her own design in her own way. She does indeed love you as much as her father does I believe & if she was [?[ to cross the sea her wish [would] be to go to Ohio. Anxiously do I wish we could send you some Clergymen to relieve you in your duties which must be overpowering. God grant that you may have such a supply & that for the sake of your faithful affectionate flock to say nothing of loving friends & relatives you may long be [spared] to your Ohio. If [?] but have Clergy enough I think we could soon send some Twenties of Pounds to provide Churches for them. I hope your new president will support the cause of religion among you; & that Peace with all the world may long be continued to you & to every [?]. I rejoice to hear continually repeated the sentiment of the [?] of the amicable effects likely to be produced by our [?] had you among us. G.W. Marriott had a nice letter from Mr. [?] the other day in which he [?] you & your cause as he ought. My respects to Mrs. Chase for whose kindness will feel most in [delight] & with all our kindest wishes I am my very dear Bishop your greatly obliged & affectionate friend,


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