Philander Chase



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Chase invites Mr. Williams to a gathering at his home and asks him to invite and bring along several other men.


Winter 1-27-1825


Columbus, Buckingham, Relley, Legislature, Patriarchs, Col. Mark


Worthington Jan 27. 1825

D[ea]r Sir

My heart is very much engaged in contemplating the expected honour of receiving & entertaining yourself & friends at my house next satury. [sic] night & the following sunday: those to whom I refer are (as you already understand from the conversation which [haped] in your chamber at Columbus) [Meprs] Buckingham [Trimble] Relley and others whom after [what] shall have passed in the Legislature this week, you shall see fit to [invite.] [To] each [invidual] of these gentlemen, I beg you’ll express my most respectful compliments, and in my name most carefully & affectionately. Tho’ in your own good way persuade them to come. We shall expect you early in the evening of Saturday say before Sunset; that we may have much time together. Like the Patriarchs we have [straw] [provide] for your beasts, & a [hearty] welcome for yourselves: & God, for Christ’s sake when you leave us will, we trust give you his blessing.

By return of [port] & beg to releive [sic] a [favourable] reply. [If] Col. Mark can come pray] bring him along. Most faithfully & respectfully your [Friend] [&] [Servant] [To] Mr. Williams speaker of the H. Bp. Ph Chase

Letter to Mr. Williams



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