Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon speaks of his daughter's affection for Chase as well as his plans for the rest of the month and people he knows who might be sympathetic to Chase's cause.




Margaret Kenyon, Adam Hodgson, London, British Critic, New York



Jan 22


My very dear Bishop,

I am sure that the affectionate veneration shown tow’ds you by my precious [Margaret] must endear [her] much to you & to good Mrs. Chase. Her manner & all she does must satisfy you that all springs from her such [affectionate] heart; & it is indeed a high delight to me to witness it & to boast [about] a daughter. To God’s goodness in this as every call is the [blessing] to be [assailed]; & especially to His mercy is [?] [?] to me indeed beyond my hopes at one time. That she daily estimates [?], & has more [?] to you than to any Bishop she ever saw. Tho’ we have [seen] no small favorites or even our berch [?] gives me no [?] as it at once establishes her [discussion] as to your real character & her own disposition to [?] & love what is most worthy of both love & reverence. I have this very day been [?] to from her Ohio day-cottage; & I hope when we return from London by the latter end of June that we shall find it far advanced if not finished. I heard this [many] [?] from our dear friends the Marriotts & good Miss Macfarlane. From the latter I have sent a letter to the excellent Lady Rosse. I fear I cannot call in that good Lady in my way to London; as my [sweet] girls are come as well as [?]. Yesterday by A. Hodgson’s favour I [rec’d] the journal, & have therein read it thro’ with delight. I [?] doubt not whether your characteristic humility & habit of [preferring] others to yourself had not carried you too far, in [?] there be in any case a decision without the Bishop’s sanction. On full reflection however I have no doubt that you in your [?] have [?] height. I need the [?] journal of Bp. [last] at the same time; & I am so with [indignation] at the attacks on you. The manner in which it mentions the [attack] in the British Critic of its Mr. [Peeves] who is the author of it. I hope he and all the [advents] of that cause will live & respect [others], I’m as such calumnies I long to be a few days at New York with Mr. H[?] that I might expose them on the spot. On the 3rd this Month we are to set out for London, of which I shall [for] Mr. A. Hodgson return what I [?] not took a day in receiving any of your welcome letters or communications. Anxiously expecting them from time to time [next] & respectfully acknowledging all your kindness especially your invaluable prayers & blessings, and happy [we] [lay] blessing on your labour & your family & especially let me add for your [fine] [?] to them & your work in [Gredington] & England I am your most affectionate & grateful friend,


[Top of first page]: In a fortnight I shall see the good Bishop of Bath & Wells & will [?] give my papers.

Letter to Philander Chase



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