Philander Chase



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Letter fragment in which Chase recounts opposition to his trip to England on the part of Bishop Hobart and others.




English donors, Bishop Hobart, Kingston, British Critic, Mr. Wheaton, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Norris, Rome


To Booz M. Atherton, New Philadelphia

Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Worthington, Jan. 19, 1825

Dear Sir:

Your favour of the 25th of Nov. last though long in coming has lain by me unanswered till I am quite ashamed. Yet if you knew the reasons I think you would forgive me, but these being very numerous I cannot name them now but shall throw myself on your clemency.

Your kind congratulations on the successful termination of the late visit to Old England are cheering. It was an errand allowed by the word of God, not against any law of church or state, demanded on the part of Ohio by necessity and worthy of the prayers of all the benevolent especially of the Prot. Episcopal Church in America. And yet from the latter it met with an opposition not to be exceeded had the measure been ever so unlawful.

Of the progress and extent of this opposition I have very few of the printed documents to show you the [?] a duplicate and [?] they are as follows: 1. Bishop Hobart’s letter to me on my first arrival from Ohio at Kingston, N. York, which I printed without answer or comment in the appendix of my letter to Bishop White giving some reason for my going to Eng’d. Bishop Hobart’s advertisements dated the 13th of Nov. 1823 published in London four days before my first arrival in that city. 3. His 2’d edition is so greatly enlarged & improved in point & pith against the Bishop of Ohio. 4. A review in the British Critic I think of Nov. or Dec. 1823 of the American Churches terminating in allegations & insinuations against Mr. Chase. The republication of these advertisements made the title of Notices or Notes in the periodicals of London. An anonymous letter against the plan of an Ohio Seminary, put in with the periodical publications by the W[?] boys unbeknownst to the publishers and this thus disseminated over Eng’d.

A pacific paper put forth by Bp. Hobart and Mr. Wheaton approving of the application from Ohio and soliciting donations for themselves. N. York & Connect. N.B. after this Bp. Hobart went to Rome. Mr. O[?]’s “Presbyter” arrived in England while Bishop Hobart was in Rome and is widely spread. Mr. H.H. Norris comes out in an anonymous publication in the British Critic with great personal abuse of Bishop Chase.

A letter is addressed to Lord Kenyon who was the patron of both subscriptions reputing Mr. Norris’s arguments & justifying Bp. C. but treating Bishop Hobart with great tenderness. Bp. Hobart returns (as Lord Kenyon states) [?] about the first of July from Rome & remains unknown in London till the 17th of [?] on the same 17th Bp. Chase sails for America and Bp. Hobart issues a paper of 16 pages called “Remarks on the Letter addressed to Lord Kenyon”

On these

[letter ends here - fragment]

Letter to B.M. Atherton



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