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Requesting that George Leonard be made a Lay Reader of the parish. Chase wants Hobart to visit during the summer.




George Leonard; Hartford, CT


Hartford June 27 1816

To the Right Rev. J [?] Hobart,

Bishop of the Prot. Episc’l Church in the State of New York, and the Diocese of Connecticut,

Right Rev: Sir,

A Mr. Geo. Leonard, formerly a congregational minister in the town of Canterbury this State, having with apparent sincerity conformed to the Church, came to Hartford, about the commencement of my last sickness, say 6. weeks ago. As we had several vacant parishes in our neighbourhood, I persuaded him to stay and officiate among them as a Lay Reader, intending to obtain permission for him so to do, as soon as might be of the standing committee. The violent disorder of my bodily health which soon followed, prevented the fulfilment of this design, and also my attending the convention. Having, since my convalescence, learned that you are elected the D[?] of this state, and presuming, from good authority, that, ere this, you have had the goodness to accept this election, I write to you as my Bishop, with due respect, in favour of this said Mr. Leonard, begging permission for him to officiate as a Lay Reader among us according to the Canon.

Should it be in your power in the course of this summer to visit us, (which event we ardently wish) it is the intention of Mr. Leonard to apply for Holy Orders of Deacons. And, in ease he should prove a proper person to be admitted to the ministry, we hope for the fervour of his being ordained by the laying on of your hands in our little, but most, interesting, Church of Hartford.

There is an entirely new Church formed at Bolton (10 [?] of us) none of whom ever rec’d the rite of Confirmation. They wish to receive it; and if I could be assured of your coming here in the course of this summer - of the probable times, feeble as I am, I would endeavor to visit and prepare them according to the Rubrick.

Pray write soon to

Your dutiful presbyter

Philander Chase

Letter to Hobart



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