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Proposals for publishing a periodical work entitled "The Christian Star in the West."




Diocese of Ohio, Protestant Episcopal Church, June Convention, Rev. Mr. Johnston



Proposals for publishing a periodical work entitled The Christian Star of the West of The Moral and Theological Repository of the Diocese of Ohio

The Professors and Teachers of the Theological Seminary of the Prot. Episc. Church about to be established in this Diocese, will be the Editors of this work. It will consist of thirty two pages well printed on good paper; the types of the best quality being a present from our benefactors in England. It will be issued every month; and at the end of every year it will have a printed index of the contents of the 12 preceding numbers. The first number being that of June next will contain the journals of the Convention; and the like being the case annually for the month of June the expense of printing sd. journals in a separate form may, if thought best, be saved. Its price will be $4-- per ann. the half of which to be paid in advance.

If there shall have been 500 subscribers obtained, and $500 sent in at the next June Convention care of the Rev. Mr. Johnston Secretary thereof, the work will go on.

Nothing will appear in this work contrary to the spirit of the Liturgy and articles of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Its main design will be to [profess] the Gospel of Peace, and to war with nothing but ignorance and vice.

That these proposals are authorized by the councils of the Diocese appears the following extracts from the journals of the last convention.

Adverting to this subject the Bishop says in his address:

“The great utility” or till ending ending with “its immediate commencement.”

The Committee alluded to was appointed & after due deliberation the following resolution was unanimously adopted by the Convention:

(see the journals)

To what is stated as above a few considerations may be added, not altogether irrelevant. The work proposed will be useful as a medium thro’ which the Bishop and Clergy may diffuse necessary information & Christian exhortation adapted to the wants and [expenses] of the Diocese. For lack of this it is well known that we have suffered great detriment. Our Parishes are so distant and the means of communication have, hitherto, been so limited that with all his labours the Bishop has been a stranger to many of his flock or has had it in his power to visit them but once in two or three years. It is the design of the work proposed to [?] this difficulty, so far as is practicable, by reserving several of its pages for the express hope of conveying the advice of the Bishop to his beloved people every month. The Presbyter also it is hoped will endeavour thus to extend their usefulness beyond the limits of their parishes and travels.

Again the proposed work will be useful as a faithful record of the history & progress of our Diocese in general, and especially of that most interesting Seminary for the education of young men in the ministry now about to form an essential part of its existence & prosperity.

The facts and circumstances relating to these are too important to be lost in oblivion. Christianity in general and our own Church in particular demand that they be recorded: the work under consideration can do this; and while it takes a retrospect of the short history of the Diocese from 1814 to the present it will as we advance in time and prosperity record everything especially relating to our Seminary with an [exactness] so peculiarly pleasing to our Benefactors.

Once more; our work if well conducted will command the patronage of all who love the [Zion] of God on the sole consideration that all profits arriving from it will be applied to the education of young men for the Christian ministry.

This prospectus will not be accompanied with any formal promises of extraordinary exertions to make the work worthy of public patronage. It’s connection with our Seminary and the Convention and the time and manner of its commitments are a sufficient pledge that all reasonable exertions will be made to fulfill the wishes of every sincere friend to the Church of Christ in the West.

1st draft of the prospectus for the Star in the West, 1824

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