Philander Chase



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Chase writes about attacks in the weekly and monthly publications, mentions the gift of 441£ from Oxford, and provides life updates in response to Marriott's letter.


Winter 12-15-1824


England, Sans Deo, London, Oxford, Philander, Mrs Marriott, Lord Kenyon, "Remarks"


The following letter was written in answer to Mr. Marriott’s letter of the 31st of July 1824.

Worthington, Ohio Dec 15 1824

My very dear Friend

My last letter to you was dated on the 20th of Nov.

I shall devote this to the [pleasure] of answering yours of the 31st of July. You assure me of the prayers of many in [England] for the for the [success] of our Seminary and for blessings on myself and family. This is more to be esteemed than all other favours. God will hear the prayer of the faithful; and as I have experienced such [uncommon] deliverance thro’ the influence (I think) of the prayers of good people, I am most delighted with [assurance] of this nature.

You speak of our meeting in Heaven. Blessed be God there is a “sure and certain hope”– for “ I know that my Redeemer liveth.”– I have now a dying sister in Vermont to whom I have been this day writing. She will carry tidings to my first Philander that I live on the hope of meeting him in paradise.

You speak of the man friends I have in England and contrast my present happy state in that [respect] with the [destitute] condition to which the “notices” had [reduced] me when first I came to Londn. Sans Deo.–

They call everything that looks like forgiveness “[affectation]” and by the [inspirations] of the “Remarks” (now republished) followed by repeated attacks in the weekly and monthly publications it seems they are determined there shall be no room for forgiveness. But in this I trust they will be disappointed. “You hope they will not forgive themselves” Dear Friend: those who never had a self [accepting] though[t] are not likely to be self condemned [until] the bill of indictment is found, & [traversed]. Conscious our judge is silent perhaps sleepth on the Bench who shall call the [jury]. somee the judge qualify the evidence & procure the judgement – God & his holy Providence. May it be in mercy not in wrath.

In Lord Kenyon’s letter I have [conformation] of the very good news respecting the contributions from that home of learning & piety Oxford The sum of 441£ is a noble gift and shall be recorded by our Seminary in letters of [gold] You say something of the University [Ohert]: but of this I should not speak.

My dear Wife loves you & Mrs Marriott & all the dear children as well (if that were possible) as I do [?] me joins in fervent prayer for the happiness temporal and eternal of you all.

I hope to get [?] enough given or purchased at a low value, wherever the [institution] be established to [defray] by the sale of one half the expense of [?] on the other half [convenient] buildings: But of this more when our plans are mature.

By the date you see where we are in our former dwelling collecting a school which tho’ now in [?] will I [trust] flourish in spite of all opposition.

Your affectionate & devoted Friend – P.C.

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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