Philander Chase



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The announcement of a new baby boy; Chase's wife is in exceptionally good health. He is concerned that Philander Jr. does not want to write to his uncle because his uncle has not written any letters to him.




Mrs. Chase; George Chase; Philander Chase Jr.; birth


Hartford 6th March 1816

My dear Brother Dudley,

I am the joyful Father of another fine Boy. He was born yesterday about 11 o'clock in the forenoon. His mother, my dear wife, is unusually well and animated beyond expression at our new acquisition. As for myself never was I so grateful to the Good God who made us. If all this be not a dream - if instead of a wife, exhausted with re[iter]ated sickness pale, emaciated, and apparently sinking into a premature grave, I have now a wife the mother of an infant Boy as large and plump, as strong and handsome, as ere our [?] soil produced - a mother whose personal health is renovated beyond all example - if all this be not a dream, I am the happiest man breathing: And if it be a dream I should like to dream on.

What renders the event of Mrs. C’s happy delivery peculiarly the cause of grateful emotion is that there were some [?] in her constitution which, as the Physicians said, made all prognostications a matter of doubt. Thank God our minds are now at ease.

I wrote to Geo. immediately after the young Bishop was borne. Philander I had sent on an errand to Weatherfield. He is now in high Spirits. He does love you very, very much - but will insist, that having written several letters since honoured with any from your pen, his duty is to remain silent.

Putting his defence on this ground what can I say to him? If it be a good adage that a boy is not to speak till he’s spoken to by his letters - the evident meaning will apply to letter writing. Having much to do I can only say that I am ever most affectionately

Your Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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