George Chase



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Winter 1-9-1828


Dear Sir,

I have received a short letter from you in which you speak of several communications forwarded to me, the receipt of which I have not acknowledged. The “Marylander” and the “Presidents Message” are the only ones I have received. The former I have distributed among our friends where I thought they would be most likely to do good and the Presidents message I let one of the [?] have, they taking no paper. If any thing else of consequence should have been sent, please to specify the same, and hopefully they may be obtained if sent by Mr. Blodgett to some other person by mistake. As it regards the prospects for Jackson in this town and the neighboring towns, it is true that he numbers many more than we had any anticipation of, say 50 or more in Randolph. But the main body of the people are more strongly than ever opposed to his reelection.

Martin Flint is making [?] as he says and as the sailors say, he is on a See shore sure enough. I am inclined to think that he is absolutely deranged or he is totally devoid of all moral principle. You say you wish to know “all about affairs”. If you mean your own ‘private farm affairs’, I suspect that Salmon Blodgett could give you much better information than is my power to do. One thing however it is my duty to mention- a pig weighing 184 lbs. Was taken by me from Ford and Mallory to supply my family with provisions. I told them that I would write to you and see if any arrangements could be made satisfactory to you relative to the payment of the same, if not I must make provisions for paying the same myself immediately , although at present it would be exceedingly inconvenient for me to raise the money. The house [?] has swallowed up every thing I could possibly earn and Mr Grover is full as bad off as myself as it regards ready money.

My little daughter grows finely, I little knew before what parental feelings were. My wife is better, and able to be about the house. .

Mr. Moulton's respect to you and I remain as ever.

Yours Affectionately,

George Chase

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