Philander Chase



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Chase sends his affection to Lord Kenyon. He asks Lord Kenyon to tell his daughter that he cherishes her letters, and recounts his conversation with Mr. Magendre about the Bishop of Bangor.




Lord Kenyon, Clayton Square, Liverpool, Margaret, Bishop of Bangor, Mr. Magendre


My Dear Lord:

I am in [far] [at] sea in [to] begin to feel the motion of the vessel to affect my head. Therefore your Lordship can not expect much of good and [connected] sense from me: But [as] [no] change from land to water or from one country to another can affect my heart in its emotions of friendship and love for your Lordship and dear family. I hope to be forgiven for a mere semblance of a letter.

The 15th of July 1824

No 21. Clayton Square Liverpool

Oh England will by me never be forgotten.

Tell your Dear Daughter Margaret I rec’d her keepsakes another excellent letter and cherish them and the [June] or [Jones] [Mayland] as the Apple of my eye.

The son of the Bishop of [Bangor] Mr. [Magendre] has been twice on board (while in dock) to see me-- he says that his Father who is now quite misled shall by him be put in [?] [of] [the] truth. He seems much in [?] [?] in addition to his sons influence he could receive a letter from your Lordship he would enter warmly into the Ohio cause.

Once more ever dear and very good Lord Kenyon I bid you farewell and beg your prayers. Every night and morn I renew mine for your Lordship and your family thro’ Jesus Christ our Lord amen

Philander Chase

12 miles from Liverpool-- [travel] by Steam boats

14 of July-- [1/4 of 5 July 1824

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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