Adam Hodgson



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Hodgson writes Chase to arrange his passage to America




Voyage to America, Captain Sincham



My dear sir,

I had this morning the pleasure of receiving your letter of the 4th. I have engaged for you the same [birth] in the [ship] which you occupied in coming to this country. Capt. Sincham fortunately happens to be the [Captain] sailing on the 16th. It will probably be [agreeable] to you to sail with an old friend -- he has promised to give you the choice of the ladies’ bath rooms if there [will] be no ladies going.

I hope you will give me the pleasure of your company on the evening of the 15th & I will collect as many of your friends as possible to meet you.

I [?] be a real [notification] & meet you again. If I can be of service to you [financially] by having your packages be shipped I know you will tell me.

Your letter was [forwarded] by the [packet] of the 8th (the [Meteor & Sail tomorrow].) I have been for some time in Scotland but all your letters have been regularly forwarded.

You probably may [help] have than with the [?] in your country which I have [just] [sent] under the head of “Letters from North America.”

I have noticed your visit to this country. I stated a few particulars which I thought to might indirectly interest the [center] [of] your cause.

With every kind wish, believe me, my dear sir

Most truly yours,

A. Hodgson

Letter to Philander Chase



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