Lord Kenyon



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Kenyon writes to Chase at Lady Rosse's house and updates him on matters relating to the Appeal, the land in Ohio, and a letter published in the British Critic




Lady Rosse, Ohio, Mr. Wiggin, Scotch Church, Devon, Marriott, Liverpool, Birmingham, Great Horkesley, British Critic, Appeal



Ivy Lake

July 4

My very Dear Bishop,

I rejoice heartily at thinking that this will find you at the excellent Lady Rosse’s by Wolverhampton; a place I shall never again pass without thinking of her with veneration & gratitude for her ardent [?] & Ohio. I will hope that such a sapp[?] of what is [?] valuable in this [?] will still be a while longer [?] to us. For the [?] such alas, unbiased by other motives is lamentably small indeed. I thank you for your kind paternal wish to bless my precious daughters: I do assure you we shall all truly [?] your blessing, my dearest Lord when I expected his [?] will do as much as anyone. [?] is now at Gredington, which he loves to [and] not been to pass it without spending 3 days there. I shall leave his dear sisters and his care without any anxiety, I thank God. I hope my friend Lord [Roth] will [?] sufficiently again stand with your cause & should you [?] in Devon where he has great influence. You cannot be [?] of his [?]. I am sure without [having] him. I only wish his head was as sound as his heart is warm. Good Mr. Wiggin about the land for your Seminary [?] as I could wish, & I have no doubt but God will bless all your designs for the pious work which you have in hand. You will be delighted with the history of the Scotch Church when in you have [?] to had it. & [?] so will not be surprised, and which [?] I [?] such as she is. I will [?] if the Appeal & other [?] put on the [tally] of the many [rooms] at Liverpool are of then [?] days. From the good Marriott we hear continually all that is good. Good Lady M.H. has enabled my precious daughters to do something tho’ in a very [informal] way. To the amiable man of Gt. Horkesley Mr. M[?] send me his [?] in which I have recommended them to make a slight alternative, in consequence of the aid which was [provided to] you on your way to England. I wish I might venture to offer my sincere respects to your venerable Bishop: feel such I am [?] for my dear Bishop [behind] me with veneration from your affection friend,


I fear Dr. Gardner earned h. at Birmingham & I know no one else there but I pray. You had with [?] call at Dr. G’s house, by the great church in Birmingham. I sent him the letter. The notice of the letter in the B. Critic just published is truly insolent; silence however is the best notice.

Letter to Philander Chase



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