Philander Chase



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Chase is very pleased to hear that Intrepid is thinking of taking Holy Orders, and offers good judgment of his Patron. Affairs at his own church are very peaceful.




Mr. Barber; Right Reverend Griswold; Mary Chase; Mr. Huse; Philander Chase Jr.; Intrepid Morse


Hartford June 14th, 1815

My dear Nephew,

Thro. my Son George, who in the fav’d medium of so many good and pleasant communications from you, I have learned your intention of going into Holy Orders. I need not tell you how much this determination of yours pleases me. I have never altered my opinion concerning the course of life which Providence seemed so plainly to have pointed out for you - and now that some obstructions are removed and the path of duty, made so plain and in such an affecting and generous manner, causes such a tide of gratitude to God and of joy in his mercy as to render common experiences in fulfillment.

Your Patron I have been acquainted with and have esteemed for many years. Thro. the best of motives, no doubt he recommends you to the tuition of Mrs. Barber of Fairfield. From the decision which this recommendation implies I hope you will not vary if in so doing the least dissatisfaction will follow. But if it will be equally agreeable to him and to hall - ad you not rather come back to the tuition of Mr. [Brouson] - Would it not be best for you? In my opinion it would.

He is a venerable and tried man, with whom you are well acquainted and to my certain knowledge much attracted to you. There are other reasons founded in my own great desire of having you near me which I shall not now urge.

Our Church affairs in this place under the blessing of God are in a prosperous train. Sixty seven were confirmed last Sund[ay] thro. the laying of the hands of the Right Rev. Bp. Griswold. We have communicants at the Holy Altar one hundred - and our daily congregations at prayers are full. Much reason have we to be thankful.

Mrs. Chase and myself accompanied Bp. Griswold up to Warehouse [?] on Monday last. Thro. the extraordinary exertions of the Rev. Mr. Huse Forty persons were confirmed in the Church in that village. We went with Philander to his pedagogical residence and staid the night with him at [?] Ellsworth where he boards. He is pleasantly situated and seems contented.

Ever your affectionate Uncle,

Philander Chase

Letter to Intrepid Morse



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