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Winter 2-20-1827


My Dear Uncle,

I have this moment returned from Bathel with a load of wheat (20 bar). All well- saw Asa Smith- he is much pleased with his little daughter. Miss S. is comfortable. Batt. is well and his stock looks well.

When I went down I stopped at Ford and drew up the heading to the enclosed and on my return they had obtained those [?] who live on the West Branch. I shall obtain a few more in the village and then transmit it to you, with my earnest request that you would use every exertion to obtain the appointment for Mr. Samuel Ford. I will have shown my great kindness (the particulars of which I will inform you on your return to R) and on more account than one I feel anxious that Mr. F should obtain the appointment. Do, my dear Uncle, oblige me in this and use all your influence with the R. M. Gen. You can not forget that F and all have always been our firm and fast friends. It is supposed that exceptions have neem used to have Jonah Washburn appointed this would not meet the wishes of the people on the W.B. Mr. Wales, I believe, has had the principal management of the [?].

I can not close this letter (written in haste and almost in the dark) without acknowledging your kind favour enclosing S. You call it a “small sum” - it was great for me, and I never will forget the readiness with which you complied with my request. I feel more pleasure in the confidence they reposed in me, than perhaps from any other source.

I want very much to see you- and perhaps in this I am a little selfish, as I have many encouraging things to say to you relative to myself.

I have not time to add more

Ever your Affectionate Nephew

GW Chase

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